The Ride or Die Tag


  Hi guys! Jaclyn Hill created this tag yesterday. In it you have to name your ultimate favourite beauty products that you would take to a desert island. She had quite a few categories, but some of the things that she uses I don’t use that often; therefore I’ve changed a few of the products around.  


My favourite primer is a Body Shop one. I chose the Instablur primer; this stuff is amazing. It blurs out imperfections on the skin and doesn’t feel like there is anything left of the skin once it’s blended out. I love this in the Summer as it does hydrate the skin slightly, and it allows the skin to breathe.


This was such a hard choice! I love so many different foundations. I did have to narrow this down to two. For full coverage yet still natural looking skin I love my Bare Minerals Ready Foundation. This is just a beautiful foundation on my skin. It lasts the longest on my skin and is such a beautiful feeling product. My other favourite is the Urban Decay Naked Skin. This gives more of a medium coverage but it feels so beautiful on the skin. I loved wearing it in the Summer, and I am thinking about buying it in my shade in the Winter too. It has skin healing ingredients in it so it might be what my skin needs around that time.  


Everyone is probably shouting this at their screens right now. Of course this was going to be the Bare Minerals Bareskin Concealer. This blends out fluidly and stays put. It covers under eye circles as well as blemishes. It’s just such a wonderful product that I will continue to repurchase.  

Setting Powder

To set my face, the product that I keep coming back to is the Bare Minerals Bareskin Setting Powder. This feels so natural on the skin; it doesn’t feel like texture at all. I tend to use a slightly darker shade just to add a touch more colour to my skin. I have gone through about four of these; it’s absolutely beautiful!

Undereye Setting Powder

This is something that I started doing at the end of last year (when I discovered the baking Gods and Godesses of Youtube). I still don’t bake my undereye concealer; it just looks wrong on me, but I do set my undereye concealer. The powder that I adore for this is the Dior Diorskin Forever and Ever Loose Powder. This feels like silk on the skin and blurs out fine lines. It’s absolutely beautiful!


This will come as no surprise when I choose The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer. I have purchased three of these. I absolutely adore it! Being designed for fairer skinned people, this looks so natural on the skin and blends out like a dream. I love this stuff!


I really struggled with choosing my favourite blush since I feel that I am still searching for my Swoon replacement. This was a Bare Minerals Blush from their True Romance collection two years ago. The one that does come the closest, although it is cooler in tone is Golden Gate. This is another Bare Minerals Loose Mineral Blush. It looks absolutely beautiful and could be worn at any time of the year. It is gorgeous!  


I only recently got into the highlighting game, but I do have a ride or die highlighter. The one that I do keep coming back to is Nars’ Multiple Stick in Copacabana. This looks really natural on the skin and blends out flawlessly. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I have used this so much, but I still have loads of product left. The mind boggles!  


Since my early twenties, I have put more emphasis on brows. I look back on photos on my fair, invisible brows and cringe. They really needed some colour! So I’m picking a service for this rather than a product. I always use Benefit’s Brow Bar for a Tint and Wax. They do such a good job at giving the perfect arch for your face shape. I do find the prices quite reasonable; especially for something that only needs redoing every six weeks.  


This one is easy. My ride or die mascara is Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes Mascara. This mascara is amazing. You can use it lightly for more natural looking lashes, or build it up to themaximum lash game! Even though it is a volumising mascara, it still leaves lashes looking natural and fluttery. It’s such a beautiful product.  


If you know me well, my ultimate ride or die eyeliner is the L’Oreal Superliner. This stuff is fantastic at such a reasonable price. You can be very precise with it or create smedgier edgy looks whilst the product is still wet on the lids. It’s a brilliant product that I will repurchase one day. I have already bought about 6 million tubes of this in my lifetime.


Eyeshadow Palette

Everyone knows how much I love eyeshadow palettes. They are probably what I spend the most money on if I’m honest with myself. My ultimate ride or die palette has to be the Urban Decay Vice 4. I love this palette; it has everything that you could need in it for neutral looks or more daring colourful numbers. It’s so versatile. The mirror in it is perfect for travelling too. It’s just brilliant and my most used palette to date.

Lip Liner

Ride or die lip liners for me come from The Body Shop. Their lip liners blend out really easily but don’t bleed into the fine lines around your mouth. Their are a fair few shades in the collection. I have a plum one and a nude; the shades I use the most. I will one day purchase some more. But I want to use up the ones that I have first.


Just one ride or die lipstick out of all the ones that I own…. quite a toughie. If I did have to choose one lipstick though, it would have to be a red lipstick. I am choosing Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet. It’s such a beautiful matte lipstick that feels so comfortable and will not budge at all. I love it so much.

Liquid Lipstick

I hate a big love-hate relationship with liquid lipsticks. Most do make me look like an old woman and really accentuate the fine lines in my lips. However, the ones that I wear the most and do actually last a long time without giving me old-lady mouth are the Estee Lauder Lip Potions. These come in both a glossy and matte form. Both look amazing and come in really lovely vibrant shades. I love the shade Vague Obsession; which is a pinky nude on me. It’s really pretty.


I have two ride or die lipglosses. I honestly couldn’t choose just one. I love Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter and Nars Baby Doll Lipgloss. Both are shades that I just keep coming back to. They are so beautiful and have a non-sticky long-lasting formula. They are amazing.


My favourite ride or die perfume has got to be Marc Jacob’s Honey. I love sweet scents anyway and this gets used all year round by me. It’s such a nice scent without being overpowering. My current bottle has just ran out and it will hopefully be replaced at Christmas.

Setting Spray

Setting spray isn’t really something that I use on my actual face. However I do use them to dampen my brushes to turn powder shadows into a higher pigmented product; such as when I do my liquid liner trick. This helps keep the product themselves neat and won’t compromise the quality of the dry shadow. My ride or die setting spray is the Body Shop Vitamin E Mist. It’s just such a lightweight product that helps me get the standard that I want from a wet eyeshadow look. I am currently onto my third bottle of this stuff.


So those are my ride or die beauty products. What are yours? I’m tagging anybody on WordPress; let’s bring this Youtube tag to the bloggersphere.

Have a lovely day guys.



2 thoughts on “The Ride or Die Tag

  1. Great tag! I will have to look for some of these products. I really want to try the Bare Minerals Bareskin Concealer. Btw do you have a favourite Colour Correcteur?

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