August Favourites


Can you believe that next month Autumn is officially here? Hello bold lips, goodbye gross boob sweat! Sorry!

We have reached the end of another month, and like every beauty blogger, I have a lot of favourites to share this month. I do have quite a lot this month, so before I ramble on about random crap, let’s get onto the stuff that stood out over August.


Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Tulle

I mentioned this yesterday in a post and since buying this last month I have pretty much worn this non-stop. It is such a flattering shade that suits my skin tone really well. But I do think this shade would suit anybody.

Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara

This is Clinique’s newest mascara and I love it. This is an ideal day to day, natural fluttery lashes mascara. You can twist the handle to alter how much product reaches the brush, and your lashes, but I tend to keep it on the more dramatic setting. There isn’t really that much of a difference. But this is a really lovely mascara.

Body Shop Down to Earth Eyeshadows

These are still amazing. The pigment is fantastic and they blend beautifully onto the lids. They are gorgeous! I can’t wait until the rest of these are released in order to start making up my own palette. But I love the natural tones in these. They are stunning!

Lee Ingleby Hood (radio series.)

This is on Spotify. I love Lee Ingleby and this version of Robin Hood is pretty different. It’s told through the eyes of The Sheriff of Nottingham who has created this persona of Hood for his own reasons. Maid Marian and Robin of Loxley are the biggest bitches imagineable. It’s definitely worth a listen to, and the soundtrack in it is fab too!


Another entertainment thing. This was a TV series based on a comic book. I love gory stories with a good storyline, which this has. It basically follows a man who’s mother was possessed by a demon and as an adult helps a priest in exorcisms. But the demons seem to think he’s special for some reason. It’s really weird and if you love Waking the Dead, you’ll love this. Beware though, the opening scene is pretty graphic!

Next Green Suede Sandals

I have worn these non-stop on my days off. I got them in the sale and they are so comfy and really pretty. They have a low thick heel and strap over the ankle and toes. They are just brilliant.

Urban Decay Gash

This shade is in the XX Palette. I use it quite a lot; either as a transition shade or a full over the lid shade. It’s absolutely stunning with blue eyes. I really would have bought this as a single, although the rest of the palette is lovely and follows the great standards of Urban Decay, this shadow is the best.

No7 Stay Perfect Gel

I’ve gone back to using gel eyeliners at times this month. This one is really easy to use and applies smoothly to the eyelids. Once set, it doesn’t budge either so it’s a great one for day to evening wear. I love it!

Clinique Pop Matte Lipstick in Bold Pop

I had to include my free lipstick. This is my perfect plum lipstick. It has a hint of red in it to keep it classy. I love how long lasting this formula is too. It’s just fab! I would still love to know why this was sent, although I’m not complaining that it was. I love the colour, and the lid is something that I will keep.

And those are all of my favourites this month. What are yours?

Have a lovely day guys and enjoy yourselves!




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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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4 Responses to August Favourites

  1. Jenny says:

    Your favorites sound so nice! I didn’t know no 7 had a gel eyeliner! I’m a huge fan of gel eyeliner.


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  2. emsr2003 says:

    Hey I just wrote my first blog! Could you check it out?? Thanks


  3. Lovely products! You just put me in such a shopping mood!

    I recently posted a lot of beauty content, it would be cool if you could check it out?

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