My After Work Routine


Hi guys!

As some of you know, I work on a shift pattern in a mental health hospital. The air conditioning in the building does wreck havoc with your skin, and hair does look pretty shit by the end of a 9 hour shift.

On my last shift, I tend to finish at 5, so I still have some of the day left to relax. In this time I attempt to feel more human.

Here is how I achieve this.

By the end of my shift, my makeup does tend to smudge or be non-existent; redness will certainly creep through; so I tend to take an oil based cleanser (Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed) and massage this all over my face and neck to remove all the residue makeup left on my skin. If there is any mascara left I take a small amount of Botanical Micellar Water on a cotton pad and wipe that gently over my eyelids.

To give my hair some life, on days that I really can’t be bothered to shower on, I spritz a bit of dry shampoo onto it and massage it into my head. I like dry shampoos that add some volume to the hair, and love the Aussie range. This one actually doesn’t look powdery on my hair.


The heating systems in hospitals can be a little dodgy; it’s either too hot or too cold, no comfortable middle ground; and my skin will be dull, dry and red by the end of it. To give it back some life I use the same products from my morning routine to renourish the skin and add a glowy primer to the mix. The Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer adds some serious glow to the skin, making it reflect light and look a lot healthier.


In an evening is where I tend to play around with makeup, and be a little creative with my eyes. This is usually when I practice bridal makeup on myself or just do something totally daring that I wouldn’t wear on a daily basis.

Today I went for a dark smoky outer eye and added a pop of deep green to the lid. This look would be better suited to Autumnal days, but I loved creating it. I teamed this up with a bright orange lip.

On the actual evening I will then chill out with a book or watch something on Netflix (currently binging on Merlin). I will also jot ideas for future blog posts and begin writing them on my phone.

That is my after work re-humanise routine. How do you spend your evenings after work?

Have a lovely day guys!



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