How to Remove Magnets from the Back of MAC Eyeshadows

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Earlier this week, I purchased two Z-Palettes from Beauty Bay. The palettes are brilliant, and a great way of customising your eyeshadow collection. However one thing did annoy me. MAC eyeshadows with a magnet already inserted don’t fit properly. They kept falling out and weren’t as secure as the NYX and Makeup Geek shadows.

I looked online to see if anybody else had this issue and how to solve it, but nothing came up. Therefore, I came up with my own solution. My Z-Palettes came with a few magnets for depotted shadows, so I put them to good use.

Here is how I re-magnetised my MAC shadows.

You Will Need

A candle

A spoon

A blunt knife



A Pen


Firstly, I lit my candle and placed the spoon over the flame. On this I placed my eyeshadow. I left this to warm for twenty seconds. I then tipped it onto a heatproof surface.


Next, and be careful not to burn yourself, Remove the old magnet with a blunt knife. The heat will have melted the glue under the magnet enough to remove easily.

As the old sticker will be useless now that the magnet has been destroyed, I wrote my own labels for each shadow.


I then took the new magnets that came with the Z-Palettes and cut out my new labels to place on the back of the magnet. I still want to know what they are just in case I want to repurchase in the future.

Then, removing the sticky pad from the front of the magnet and stick this to the back of the eyeshadow.


The eyeshadows are now ready to be returned to the Palette. And they are certainly more secure now. None have loosened themselves as of yet!


I hope this comes in useful if anybody else has this issue.

Have a lovely day guys!



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