Body Shop Release New Masks!


And they’re amazing!

Most of you will know that I love the Body Shop as a brand. I love their skincare items; the Hemp Face Protector still being my number 1 ride or die face cream. Their makeup items are also really stepping up their game; the new eyeshadow palettes are fab, as well as their bronzers and foundations. It really is a very affordable, fantastic quality brand!

I was really excited when I received my email about their new releases. I love face masks on pamper nights. It’s just a little touch of luxury.

Body Shop have release five new masks for different skin concerns. The only one that really called out to my skin at the time was the Nourishing Ethiopian Honey Mask. I am obsessed with honey smelling things (hint hint my Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume needs replacing) and the fact that this helps replenish dry skin was a win-win for me.

The masks retail at £15 each, which is quite reasonable considering you get a fair amount of product for your money.You get 75ml which will last you ages. The Body Shop have also simplified their packaging. It’s all glass and feels very sturdy. I’m pretty sure this could knock somebody out if you threw it at them. Not that I’m encouraging you to throw this at people!

So coming back to the product itself? Is it any good.

Firstly, you need only a tiny amount of this to cover your face. This spreads really evenly and although it doesn’t dry like a regular face mask, this does go tacky, so your hair won’t really stick to it and make a mess.

I applied two fingerfuls of product all over my face and kept it on for 30 minutes. My face didn’t feel tight and didn’t tingle. The mask felt very cooling and the smell was really relaxing.

To remove it I washed it off with some warm water on a muslin cloth. My skin felt really smooth and hydrated straight away. That horrible dry patch under my left eye appeared less scaly and dry. This was after one use. Goodness knows how good my skin will feel after using this for a fair while.

What are your thoughts on the new Body Shop masks? Have you used any of them yet.


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