What’s in My Betty Boop Z-Palette


I wasn’t going to do this post originally, partially because I own a lot of NYX shadows and their names are not on the back of the product. However, I asked permission to take photos of the eyeshadow stand at my local NYX counter to take home and study my shadows. I eventually found them all and have labelled them properly.

So now, I have swatched all 56 shadows and photographed them accordingly. I will post this in two parts; otherwise it could be quite a long post. I’ll upload the Hot orange palette in a few days time.

I use the Betty Boops Palette for shadows that I use on a more regular basis. At the moment I do have a few Seasonal shadows in their that probably will migrate to the orange one as the cooler days approach. But for now, I am getting my money’s worth out of them.

NYX: Vixen, MAC Amber Lights, MAC Tilt, MAC Club
MAC Charcoal Brown, MAC Coppering, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Shale
MAC Handwritten, MAC Jest, MAC Patina, NYX Dare
MAC Quarry, MAC Deep Truth, MAC Cranberry, NYX Mermaid
MAC Blackberry, MAC Sumptuous Olive, MAC Lucky Green, NYX Liquid Gold
NYX LOL, MAC Antiqued, MAC Expensive Pink, NYX Jaded
NYX Raven, MAC Steamy, MAC Woodwinked, NYX Punk Heart



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