Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara

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Hi guys,

I have let my reviews sort of phase away as of late, and I don’t know why. I’ve got a lot of amazing products in my bags that I just haven’t gotten round to giving my full thoughts on.

That’s going to change from this month. Every now and again, I will throw in a review of something that I’ve either loved or been really disappointed with.

Part of the makeup world that doesn’t normally excite me is mascara. I usually find one or two that I love and just keep repurchasing them. I’m not fussy.

I was curious when I saw this in Boots as I was buying yet another lipstick. It looked really sleek and quite different to the other straight up and down packaged mascaras in Cliniques range. This claims to give three different eyelash looks with one brush. It all depends on how much product is allowed onto the brush. This retails at £20, which is around the same price as most high end mascaras.

To shift the volume of the mascara, you twist a small dial on the upper part of the tube. It’s clearly labelled to help people find their desired effect, although I did find it quite stiff to twist around. It has loosened in time however (I have been using it for about a month now).

As for how this looks on the lashes, if you’re expecting a Too faced Better Than Sex product dupe, you will be disappointed. Although their are subtle differences in the look of each lash look, your lashes will remain very fluttery and natural. This does not clump lashes together or thicken them. It just appears to enhance the natural beauty of your normal lashes.

I love the effect that it gives. It’s certainly an everyday mascara for when I wear more subtle eye looks. It will make the eyes pop without overpowering the eyes completely. The wand is also perfect for bottom lid lashes too.

Some mascaras do tend to smudge on me. On a regular day, I haven’t noticed any smudging. It’s a fab everyday mascara.

What are your thoughts on this mascara? How are you finding it if you do use it?

Hope you’re having a fab day guys. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Bye for now!



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