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My Healthy Creamy Hot Chocolate Recipe


We all need a chocolate boost sometimes but don’t always want to cheat on our diets. A creamy hot chocolate can be loaded in calories, so I created this recipe a few months ago and I have it when I need a sugar rush during ‘that time.’ It’s also beginning to get a little cooler through the day, so we will all soon be drinking hot drinks by the bucket load!

If you do want a low calorie chocolatey drink, this is mine. It’s really creamy and only costs 94 calories.


You Will Need:

1 cup of Alpro Cashew Milk (or any alpro milk. Hazlenut milk also tastes nice with this recipe)

1 tablespoon of Options Belgian Chocolate Powder

1 teaspoon or sweetener

1 small pan

1 whisk

1 mug



The thing that I love about this recipe is that it’s so easy.

First I measure out my ingredients and dump them in the pan. For the milk, I pore it into the mug that I want to use. This saves making too much hot chocolate.

Once in the pan, I turn the hob onto a medium heat and mix the ingredients until there are no lumps. I tend to keep it onto the heat until it reaches a simmer. If it boils, it will be too hot.

Once it is hot enough, pour the mixture into the cup. It is now ready to drink.


Today, I had my hot chocolate for breakfast with some Skyr Yoghurt and Raspberries. Quite a tasty breakfast!

So that is my really easy, super healthy hot chocolate recipe. If you do try this out, please let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day guys.



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