How to Change up your Makeup for Autumn


Autumn is just around the corner. So it’s soon time to say goodbye to our bright lipsticks and pops of colour on the eyes. It’s time to embrace the darkness.

This time of the year, is actually my favourite time of the year; the weather isn’t too cold but it does still have it’s warm days. Trees look absolutely gorgeous as they turn from green to yellow, orange and red. I love it!

Makeup Runway trends tend to follow similar looks every Autumn: Bold dark lips, and coppery or smoky eyes. There are some really beautiful looks that use these common factors. The Dior models looked amazing this year!

How I tend to change things up is by adding my darker shaded makeup palettes to the mix. My Urban Decay Smoky Palette hasn’t seen much use since it’s launch date; even the original Naked Palette also has some stunning coppery and golden hues that would be appropriate in Autumn. For more subtle looks, the Body Shop’s Down to Earth Palettes have some pretty Autumnal shades.

A final palette that always comes out at this time of year is Bare Mineral’s Ready Quad in The Happy Place. I absolutely adore the deep copper shade in the top right. It’s absolutely stunning.

For a more affordable palette, Makeup Revolution’s Mewtrals vs Neutrals is absolutely stunning. There are some gorgeous matte shades that would make any eye pop this season.

Onto lips! In my opinion, nude lips take a bit of a backseat in the Autumn. They’re still there, however the deep berries and reds rule the runway. You guys know that I love berry lips, but they come out in their full glory these days! Some of my favourites are Smashbox’s Mulberry and Screen Queen, as well as Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Crimson and Bare Mineral’s Live Large. All are gorgeous, and really long lasting on the lips.

As for cheeks, I tend to wear slightly darker shades here too. Nars’ Dolce Vita blush pretty much dominates my makeup bag. It can be worn pretty sheer, or built up for the days where I tend to wear less colour on my eyes.

That is how I change up my makeup bag for Autumn. How do you change up yours?

Have a lovely day guys!



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