Honest Review: BarePro vs Ready



During a shopping trip last month I purchased the replacement foundation for Bare Mineral’s Ready Foundation; a product that I swear by. I absolutely love the feel and coverage of that product. It is awesome.

However, Bare Minerals have recently reformulated the pressed mineral foundation and renamed it BarePro. It retails at £27 and claims to give high coverage, long-lasting results but still allow the skin to breathe. In comparison, Ready retailed at £26 and gives long-lasting, hydrating results.

I’ll be honest and say that I do not like BarePro. It does not give me good coverage, it feels chalky on my skin and did cause me to break out in weird places on my skin. Even when wearing a hydrating skin cream (which Shelbey Ashburn recommended), this still clung to dry patches on my skin; it did not look cute! I’m also not impressed with the fact that for 10g of product you’re paying £1 compared to the 14g in the Ready compact.

I have tried wearing BarePro a few times and have felt the same upon each time I wore it. It just isn’t for me. I much prefer my Ready foundation. It gives full coverage, allows my skin to breathe, and I know that it will last all day without the need of touch ups. I’m just really sad that they are not keeping both foundations. It just seems that Ready is more suited for us dry to normal customers whereas BarePro is designed for Normal to Oily customers.

The only way that I can use it is as a powder, so luckily I am getting some use out of it.

I really am sorry Bare Minerals, but this really is a disappointing product for me, please bring back Ready.

What are your thoughts on this foundation guys? Am I being too harsh?

Thanks for reading.



3 comments on “Honest Review: BarePro vs Ready”

  1. When this first came out I really wanted to try it but I tested it on my hand and it felt so dry!! With your review too I’m really glad I didn’t bother, would be no good for me! So glad you have done such an honest review 🙂 x

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    1. Thanks. I’d prefer it if they kept both compact foundations because this one seems okay for oilier skin but the ready was fab on dry skin. It’s a shame the people who liked it were the minority. Thanks for commenting x

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      1. Yeah, they don’t seem to realise that it caters for different people :/ I never actually tried the ready foundation but I love the original, I would have like the ready for travelling though 🙂 x

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