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Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Review



Top Row (left to right): Sicily Iris, Mauritius Dahlia, Paris Peony, Sydney Amaryllis        Bottom Row:  Tahiti Hibiscus, Nairobi Camellia, Tokyo Lotus, Taipei Orchid


Hi everyone!

As liquid lipsticks take over the makeup world; the good bad and the really awful; The Body Shop have entered the competition.

It is my understanding that these were launched almost two weeks (atleast that’s when my local branches got them). They are really nicely packaged with the shade of lipstick on the base, along with a chic matte lid. They do look really lovely, and stand out against their other lipsticks.

These surprisingly retail at the super cheap price of £6. A regular Body Shop lipstick is £10, and the lipgloss is £7. The cheap price is certainly a really good selling point for these compared to it’s competition.

There is quite a varied range of shades, spanning from nudes, brights, reds and bolds, so there is certainly something in there for everyone. Me being the makeup fanatic that I am bought eight (two were out of stock). So it wasn’t from want of trying to buy the whole selection!

The formula, in general is really creamy, so although they are a matte formula, they do feel comfortable on the lips. They glide on really easily; one swipe of colour is usually enough to cover your entire bottom lip without much touching up. And it does dry really quickly, and will last the majority of the day without budging. As a side note, they smell incredible! They’re quite sweet smelling.

There is some variation on pigment in some of the shades. The majority do glide on really easily without any patching, however some of the darker shades do look a little patchy. One of the darker ones in my swatches below did need to be blended out with a finger to get rid of the patches, but this is something that I tend to do anyway with lip glosses, so it isn’t a complaint as such. I still really like the collection as a whole.

A lot of the Body Shop’s newer products appear to be named after places, which I really love. The colour that I wore today was Sydney Amaryllis, which is a beautiful bright deep pink shade.

What are your thoughts on the new collection? Let me know!



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