Health and Fitness

A Chill out Evening 


Hi everyone.

Let’s face it, modern life is really busy, and we don’t have a lot of time to really look after ourselves anymore. I have noticed that my anxiety has begun to rear it’s ugly head once again, which has been a mixture of stress and tragedy.

So I have been giving my body and mind a little TLC on an evening to try and destress me ready for better days ahead.


The first thing that I tend to do is snuggle into my pyjamas, cleanse my face and apply a face mask. I usually grab whichever one is at hand, and on this night it was L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Purity Mask. Honestly, this is such a great mask for refreshing the skin and cleaning it out.

I do tend to leave masks on for longer than it says, and I’ll watch a film or listen to some music in my dark bedroom. I do use scented candles, which at the moment are a lot of Yankee Candles. They smell amazing together, and just really unstress me.

If I feel up to it, I write in one of my mind Journals. I do have a few, but I love this one from paperchase at the moment. Each page has a famous quote and then a question relating to the quote. It really gets you thinking about the good aspects of yourself and your life. And it’s very positively worded, unlike some journals that I have used.

After the film, I’ll then wash off my mask and do a final cleanse, then hop into bed. Here I’ll read a few pages of a book then stick on a calming hypnosis app to help drift off to sleep. I still love Mindifi but I do use Headspace and Relax App too at times. It just depends on my mood.

So that is how I relax on an evening. How do you guys like to unwind on an evening?

Thanks again for reading,

Have a lovely day.



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