Top 10 Blushes


Hi everyone! How are you all today?

Today is pretty chilly up here in the North but it’s nothing that we’re not used to!

Today I wanted to do an update on a video that I filmed over a year ago on my Youtube Channel. Back then I had a lot of palettes and was quite nervous on camera, however it was one of my more popular videos. Therefore, I wanted to do an update since my tastes have changed a lot since then, and I’m more involved on my blog than with Youtube at the moment.

These are in no particular order; these are just the ones that I use the most and love using.

NARS Blush in Impassioned

This was a blush that when the makeup artist at Nars picked it out I thought was a bit meh. It looks really pale in the pan, however it looks absolutely gorgeous out the skin. It’s a really subtle pop of pink. It just looks so natural yet flattering. It’s definitely one of my favourites for anytime of the year.

Lancome Cushion Blush in Sorbet Grenadine

I am still really hit and miss with cream products. Only a few have ever impressed me. This one is one that has impressed me, and I will eventually buy more. This colour is so beautiful and just that subtle pop of colour that you need on days where you feel like shit. It blends out really well, and can be worn quite sheer if you prefer just a slight touch of colour.

Bare Minerals Original Blush in Golden Gate

Golden Gate is just the prettiest glittery flush of colour! I bought this one as a replacement for Swoon. Although it is nothing like Swoon, I still love this colour. It’s a lovely mauve shade that is perfect for anytime of the year, although it is ideal for cooler months to add a touch more warmth anf glow to the skin.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover

Can you tell that this is well loved? This has got to be the only one that I have hit pan on in a long while. It’s just so bright and pretty. I love wearing this in the Summer, however it is the type on pink that wouldn’t look out of place in the cooler months. It’s just so stunning!

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Fetish

I am highly aware of the amount of kinky names that are on this list, however something about sex makes makeup companies give risky names to their blushes. Fetish is quite new to my collection, and it is gorgeous! It blends out beautifully, and it is a perfect natural flush shade. If you have fairer skin tones, I would highly recommend this shade.

Becca Champagne Splits in Pamplemousse/ Prosecco Pop

This looks different on everyone. On me, this is really bright and needs to be blended out a lot! However, the shade that you get, and the finish it gives is worth the extra effort. I love it! And the highlighter that comes in the pan just really helps it stand out.

Nars Blush in Orgasm

As soon as I used up the mini sample that I owned of this, I purchased the larger one. There is a reason that this is a cult product. It is gorgeous! It just flatters so many people and gives that lovely glow to the skin. It’s just such a natural pick-me-up for the face.

Urban Decay Afterglow in Bang

Orange! So much orange! This is such a gorgeous colour, and like Pamplemousse needs a lot of blending. However, this looks gorgeous with a bit of winged liner and a bold lip. I love it and get quite a few compliments when I wear it. So, when I want a confidence boost, I wear this.

Bare Minerals Ready Blush in The Secret’s Out

This is a matte version of Orgasm. It’s absolutely beautiful, and again gives a subtle warmth to the skin. I love the colour. It’s definitely one that’s going to see more use in the cooler months.

Nars Audacious Blush in Sexual Instinct

And finally to the tenth blush! This can be used wet or dry, although I do tend to use it more dry. It’s absolutely stunning on the cheeks and can be worn really sheer as a highlighter if I want to. Sometimes I wear this over my matte blushers to give them a bit of shimmer. It’s just so pretty!

And those are my current favourite blushers. Which are yours? Or are there any here that you love or fancy trying?

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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