Size 16 Again! Woop! 

Hi guys.

My weight really does balloon up and down for a number of reasons, which I’ll go into another time. 

But I have been trying to lose some weight even though the scales don’t reflect this number (and a Mam who still tells me that I look bloated and should come back to weight watchers). But I haven’t looked a scale in a long time. I know enough about weightless to know that muscle weighs heavier than fat, so with all the activities that I do at the gym I probably do weigh heavier than the used to at the moment. 

Luckily, my clothes tell a different story. I am back into my favourite pair of jeans that are a size 16. And if you know the shop Next in the UK, you know that their jeans tend to be on the unforgiving side of sizes. So I’m really pleased to be back into my favourite jeans. 

It’s a small victory, but one that does give me a fair bit of confidence.  

What has given you a little boost today? 

Hope you’re all having a lovely day, and hopefully the weather is better where you are. It’s really foggy here at the moment. 

Bye guys! 



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