October Favourites


Hi guys!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been that active on social media the last few days, and haven’t really updated the blog in that time either. I’ve just needed to get my head around some things and this wasn’t a priority. But, I have missed writing and posting stuff that makes me happy, so I’m back.

I have got a fair few favourites this month, and I wanted to share them all here. Yes, I have got reviews in mind for some of these things. But for now, just sit back and relax whilst I go through all of my October Favourites.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

I have been wearing this foundation quite a lot over the last few weeks. It just gives such a beautiful finish to the skin and is really long lasting. I genuinely didn’t believe that it would last as long as it did during my longevity test! I think the shade is beginning to be slightly too dark for me, but when I can afford it again I may repurchase this in shade 20, which was my other match at the time. Honestly, my skin is weird; it can match one of the lightest shades and one of the darkest without much thought.

Fleur de Force’s The Luxe Life Book

This was a bargain in Tescos a few weeks ago. I paid £8.50 for it and it’s a lovely, easy to read book with loads of nice ideas in it for party planning, or just general getting ready tips. I have attempted some of the hairstyles to little success so far but I will keep trying! And I’m dying to try some of the party food recipes. They look amazing!

Benefit Ka-Brow

I am not much of a fan of brow pomades but this one is amazing. You only need a tiny amount of product to fill in your brows, and they still look natural. I tend to use this with the Precisely Brows or Goof Proof Pencils. I just love the effect that they give together.

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette

This is such a versatile palette! I have used it for transition work on my eyes, or for a lovely matte smoky eye. I absolutely love it. And like all Urban Decay eyeshadows, this is just a dream to work with; it’s so blendable! Definitely worth the splurge.

Schpok/ Ebay

I decided to sell some of my makeup items. It just seemed such a shame to have them unused in my makeup bag. Someone else may as well get some use of of them. These sights have been brilliant, and I have sold a few items already.

Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer

I have gone back to using this. Some of my darker bronzers just looked a bit too harsh as the cooler months were coming in. This is a lovely fair bronzer that adds just a touch of shimmer to the skin. I do fair it up with another favourite on this list, which I’ll get to eventually.

Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Series

Oh my God! I have loved this series. Honestly, I love reading but these books have had me hooked since page 1. They follow the adventures of a female assassin who has a very complicated past. That’s all I can say without sharing massive spoilers. But they are really worth a read if you like books like Game of Thrones or Sword of Truth. They are amazing!

Dior Air Nude Illuminator in 001

This has become my go-to highlighter in the cooler months. It looks really natural although it can be built up to full-blown fairy dust if you prefer. It just looks so pretty on fair skin tones, although it would make a beautiful glittery white eye shadow on deeper skin tones too.


Has anybody watched this yet? It’s absolutely brilliant. I love Dan and Phil anyway, but an hour and a half of them being their hilarious, geeky selves was absolutely fantastic. I watched the recording of their American tour on YouTube and loved every minute of it! It’s really worth a watch.

Nars Blush in Dolce Vita

I had bought this about three months ago, but it’s only really as the cooler months hit that I started using it frequently. It is a gorgeous deep burnt berry shade that looks really pretty on the cheeks. I have worn this pretty much every day in October. Like all Nars blushers, this shade is super pigmented and really long-lasting throughout the day. I really do love it a lot!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara

I bought this after realizing that I had no waterproof mascara ready for my Granddad’s funeral. I have worn it every day since because it gives a lot of volume and length to my lashes. Although waterproof, it does remove easily with an oil based cleanser. I normally don’t get on with waterproof formulas but this really surprised me, and I am tempted to keep buying this.

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand

Yes, another highlighter. I have this one in gold and I love it! It looks absolutely stunning on cheek bones. I tend to dab this onto my cheek bone straight from the wand, then blur it out with a makeup sponge. It gives a subtly beautiful glow to the skin; and underneath the Dior one it’s just amazing!

YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in Green

In the Summer, I wore the pink and blue of these quite a lot. Autumn is now the green one’s turn to shine. I love the formula of these. They look amazing! I have raved about these before, and I have reviewed them, so I won’t say too much here. All I will say is that this green mascara really makes grey eyes pop.

Chanel Soleil de Tan

Many bloggers have a love-hate relationship with this product, and I understand why. If overused this can look really muddy. However, if used really subtly under the cheek bones this is a beautiful contour bronzer for fairer skin tones. It blend beautifully, giving lovely, chiseled features. I tend to apply this first with a dense buffing brush then dust the Liz Earle bronzer over the top to add a touch of glow. I love the combo together!

So that is my pretty long favourites list this month. What are your favourites?

Have a lovely day guys, and I promise to be more active on here from now one.

Bye for now!



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  1. McKenzMorgan says:

    I want to try that Maybelline Mascara so bad, your review of it makes it seem so tempting.

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