What’s in my Sister’s Makeup Bag?


It’s amazing how different siblings can be in regards to makeup and fashion. I remember growing up, my sister Laura was the one who was always into everything girly whereas I was the tomboy. Now, although it hasn’t flipped, we have very different opinions about makeup and fashion.

Nowadays, I love everything to do with makeup, and I have finally started to advertise my services as a makeup artist to my friends. Laura tends to wear makeup solely for big events or on an evening. She’s very minimalist when it comes to makeup on an everyday basis. Any why should she need makeup; she’s gorgeous!


So for this post, I wanted to share what my sister uses on a daily basis. It’s very different to my full-face of makeup, but the world would be a creepy place if we all looked the same.


Laura prefers a very natural look, and not a heavy coverage. She has a lot of freckles which don’t always look great covered up (any tips for bridal makeup on freckly women?) so she wears a lot of tinted moisturizers. For any blemishes she does have the trusty Collection concealer that we all love. She does use a fair amount of bronzer on the outer areas of her face, and quite a pretty skin-toned blush.

As for eyes, Laura’s main eyeshadows have been presents from me, or hand-me-downs such as the Urban Decay naked 2. Her favourite day-to-day shadow is the Bare Minerals 5 in 1 eyeshadow. She told me that it’s really quick to apply in a hurry.

Laura isn’t really a big lipstick girl. She tends to only wear it on an evening; or borrows mine when she’s visiting.

Where laura does like to play is with her nail polish. She always wears something on her nails; most of mine are actually ones that she has bought and left behind when she moved to Glasgow!

And that is what Laura tends to carry in her everyday makeup bag. Slightly different to mine isn’t it?

What sort of posts would you like to see in the future? Are your siblings makeup bags different to yours?

Have a lovely day guys!




About jennywren7

I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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