My Customised Makeup Obsession Palette


Hi guys!

Last month Boots began advertising their makeup Emporium, which is quite a large space in most Boots where people can customise beauty related gifts for their loved ones. There are quite a few things within it, however the things that people are getting excited about are the engraving service (£3) and the customisable palettes.

I didn’t get mine engraved, but I may get this done for family and friends.

I purchased one of the 12 pan palettes, and filled it, which isn’t too bad considering the pans are £2 each, and the palette itself was only £8. It still works out cheaper than some higher end palettes.


Mine is rose gold (of course) and just looks so beautiful! The whole thing could be a mirror, it is that shiny, although there is a massive mirror inside, which has got to be the best mirror in a palette that I have ever seen. It’s huge!

When you create the palette, you buy each pan separately in a clear case, which can be popped out and clicked into place in the palette. This feels really secure, and the pans don’t rattle around or fall out (remember the nightmare I had with my Z-Palette before re-magnetising everything?). When it comes to the time to replace a shade, the pans click out really easily.


So what shades and products have I got in my palette? I didn’t just want this to be an eyeshadow palette. I wanted this to be a complete face palette that I could use when travelling or if I’m in a rush for work, and don’t want to reach for thirty products. So I have ten eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer. One of the eyeshadows is doubling up as a highlighter. None of the nominated highlighters caught my eye as much as this shadow did.

Left to Right: Mink, St Tropez, Scene, Oak, Chroma, Rich, Midnight Black, Bourbon Brown, Chocolate Cream, Lucky Charm, Perfect, Light Medium

In my palette I have:

Mink: This is my all over the lid, primer setting shadow. I have one shade like this in every palette. I just find it so useful.

St Tropez: I love turquoise shades, and it wouldn’t be my palette without a shade like this in it. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Scene: Scene is a really pretty peachy pink shade. This is one of those shades that I thought could be so versatile. Although I have been using it mostly as an inner corner highlight. It’s absolutely stunning.

Oak: This is a gorgeous khaki green shade. Again, I love these sort of colours, and I don’t have a matte version of it. I thought this would be perfect as a crease shade and swept all over the lid with a touch of shimmer patted over the top.

Chroma: Chroma is a beautiful Silver with brown and green undertones. I do have quite a few matte browns in my palette so I wanted this one to add some depth to those other shades. It’s absolutely gorgeous used like this, or on it’s own across the lid.

Rich: Another ‘me’ shade. Gold just looks beautiful on grey and blue eyes. I’m sort of inbetween the two. But I love gold eyeshadow. This just had to be in the palette!

Midnight Black: Like Mink, black is a shade that comes in handy in eyeshadow palettes, whether as a liner or to add depth to shadows. This is a really intense black and it blends beautifully on the lid with very litle fallout.

Bourbon Brown: I wanted a dark chocolate brown for transition shades. Although there were others that caught my eye, this one went better with the shades already in the palette.

Chocolate Cream: I love the name of this one! This is the perfect transition shade for the crease. It’s gorgeous and just the perfect amount of colour for a rich brown smoky eye. I love it!

Lucky Charm: Now we come out of eye territory and move into the shades for my face. Although Lucky charm is technically still an eyeshadow, I use this to highlight. It’s the perfect cool toned highlight without being too intense for daytime use. It’s beautiful!

Perfect: This is one of the company’s blush pans. It’s so beautiful and pigmented without being too overpowering. It’s gorgeous!

Light Medium: This is a lovely contour/bronzer for fairer skin tones. There were others but this one was more suited to my skin tone. It is just a perfect subtle hint of shadow for the cheek bones.


And that is everything in my palette. Have you gotten hold of one of these yet? They’re a lot of fun to play around with, and at the price range, they would make ideal palettes for makeup artists who are just starting out.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day, and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.



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