My Current Makeup Bag Things


Hi guys. We’re into a new month now, and it’s time to show some more makeup a bit more love. Thanks to eBay and Schpok, my collection is slowly getting a bit more manageable. Thanks to anyone who put bids in and bought anything.

I love November. Not only is it my birthday month, but we are fully embraced by Autumn. The cooler days are here, and all those pretty brown and orange leaves cover every surface. I can also get my Puss and Boots boots out of the wardrobe. Autumn is my favourite Season!

This month, I have streamlined my makeup bag by quite a bit.


I am currently doing a stint of night shifts at work, which do tend to dry my skin out a fair bit. So I have one of my favourite hydrating foundations in the bag; Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder. I love this mainly for the fact that it builds up really easily for fuller coverage days when needed, but it also looks gorgeous worn sheer. My usual concealers and setting powders are lurking in the bag too. Honestly, if I ever use anything different, the world has ended and zombies are taking over!

Colour products is what I have filled the bag with this month; particularly with eyeshadows. I have my customised Makeup Obsession palette, which has been used a lot so far. As November eases into Winter too, I have the very glittery Urban Decay Moondust Palette. I plan on using this on my birthday. I love the shades in it a lot. For more day-to day looks I have my Nars Duo Eyeshadows, including a new one from the new Sarah Moon Collection. There were two new duos but I went for the burgundy one in the shade Indes Galantes. It looks stunning! This was my treat to myself this month.


I want to keep my highlight quite subtle this month, so I have two relatively light golden shimmery ones in the bag. I love Nars’ Nico for everyday use. It’s just so pretty. For blush, I am moving more into my deeper toned blushers. I love Urban Decay’s Rapture in Autumn; it just adds such a pop of flush to the cheeks without overpowering the wearer.

I have just had my brows tinted and waxed, so I have limited my brow products a fair bit. My eyebrows are still quite sparse so I have my Benefit Precisely Brow Pencil and Goof proof, as well as the Gimme Brow to set them into place. I have the Ka-brow there ready and waiting for when my brows need some colour again.


And, lips. I’m actually impressed with myself; there isn’t too many lipsticks in the bag, just my usual array of nudes, berry-tones, reds, cream and matte finishes. One simply cannot have too many of each.

And to finish things off, you cannot have a makeup look without mascara. I have one of my old favourites; the Lancome Grandiose Mascara in the bag at the moment. I can trust this one with both my upper and lower lashes. It just doesn’t smudge and looks amazing.

So that is a little peak into my makeup bag. What are the highlights in yours at the moment?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day guys.

Bye for now!



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