Throne of Glass Review

Hi guys!

This is going to be my first attempt at a book series review. Wish me luck!

So this series is written by Sarah J. Maas, a very jennifer Lawrence-esque woman who is probably one of my favourite authors to listen being interviewed. She’s hilarious! There are five books in the series so far, as well as a novella prequel to the series.

They follow the adventures of Celeana, an assassin with a mysterious past. The books follow her adventures, love interests and challenges in discovering who she truly is.

Honestly, I have not enjoyed a series this much since reading the first few Sword of Truth novels (honestly, nothing tops the epic high of Faith of the Fallen). Sarah has written relateable characters who fall in and out of love, and actually take the time to get over breakups; there are bisexuals; they have periods; they have flaws; they have kinky sex; they have depression. It’s definitely not teen fiction as there are some extremely smutty scenes in the books (which I’ll get onto later). It’s one of those series where there are no definite bad or good guys; everyone has done some shitty things in their past.

This book had me screaming at some of the decisions that characters made in these books. I scared my colleages at work at one point by screaming “No not him! Go after him! Nonononono!” Seriously, they have you shouting at the page like you’re watching episodes of Game of Thrones.

That is pretty much all that I can say without ruining the series. If you have read it and want to know my feelings on certain scenes, keep reading. If not, read the books and you can join in with the little Q & A below.





I originally shipped Celaena with Chaol. I loved these two together; they were so cute. I loved how he teased her at the beginning when they practiced sword fighting, and how it grew from a lovely friendship to an even more beautiful relationship. But in true George RR Martin style, don’t let characters get too happy….. Chaol does stupid things and the relationship is fucked! I love Rowan with Celaena/Aelin; they are perfect for each other, and I really hope that the next book sorts things out. I never really accepted Celaena with Dorian. It just felt too much like Dorian rebelling against his mother and father and wanting to fall for someone that they would never approve of in a zillion years. It just felt a bit forced. Chaol was a safer option for her during that part of the story. Celaena wasn’t ready to accept who she was at that point, and Chaol was her rock. He served his purpose at that point, but after they broke up, Celaena/Aelin needed someone more her equal, and Chaol wasn’t that; he was never going to fully accept the magical side of her.

I miss Chaol though. I hope he’s okay…. wherever he was during Empire of Storms.


Definitely the beach scene. As sexy as the bath scene was the beach scene was hot as hell. I also loved Manon and Dorian’s little encounters during the books. I love them together.

I know people when asked this question mention the paint scene, which I have since found out if in A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah’s other series. I have just started ACOTAR, so I will feed back on them soon. For now though, I love the beach scene.



I don’t have one. This is one of those series’ where it’s safe to say that I love almost all the characters. I love Manon and Abraxos, but I also love Chaol and Lysandra and Chaol and Rowan and Aedion… I could go on. Every character is brilliantly written and you empathise with every single one of them.

I hate Mauve though. That bitch needs to die!



My favourite part in the series is the battle near the pirate island. It is awesome and I just imagine is like the battle of Black Water in game of Thrones, only with sea dragons. It is epic and I can’t wait to see this on the show, when the eventually get round to filming stuff for Empire of Storms.

It sounds sick, but I also love it when Lysandra kills Arobynn. He deserved every little slice that she gave him.



Chaol comes back with an army, and helps Aelin defeat Mauve and the Valg King. Aelin is rescued by Rowan and they find a loophole so that Aelin doesn’t need to sacrifice herself to save the world and destroy the Wyrd Keys. I also want Elide and Lorcan to have a chat. They keep getting interrupted. I need these two together; they are the perfect odd couple.


Have you read these books? What are your answers to some of the fan questions?

If you haven’t read them, you need to; they’re fantastic.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.




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