Top Ten Favourite Lipstick Brands


Tastes in beauty change a lot over time. Something that we loved a few years ago might not be the same when we re-use it, or we find something that’s much better than our old favourites.

In my world, my taste in lipsticks changes quite frequently, but once I find a brand that I love, I go into Pokemon mode and need to buy them all. When you see the size of my lipstick stash, it’s safe to say that I have a problem! 99.9% of my collection is higher end lipsticks.

But today I wanted to rummage through my bag and do an update on a list that I made a while back. I think it was in March, but that was a while ago and things do change. I haven’t looked at that list so there may be some repeats.

Here are my ten favourite makeup brands for lipstick.


Bobbi Brown

After saying for ages that my favourite red lipstick was Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet, I eventually got round to buying a few more. Bobbi Brown’s lipstick quality is amazing. They are so creamy and long-lasting; I love working with them. Tulle is one of my current favourites for everyday wear; it’s gorgeous and really flattering.


Clinique was my first makeup brand that I was truly obsessed with, and I now have quite a few of their new lipstick line. Let’s be honest, I almost have them all! Clinique’s Colour Pop range are some of my favourites for any time of the year. They have a very intense pigment and are so hydrating. The matte ones are lovely too, but I much prefer the creamy textured ones. They’re just so pretty!

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has some amazing shades in her range. I was once told by one of her makeup artists at Fenwicks that Charlotte only developes products that people will use; she hates excess products. And the range does show this. There are only a few of each shade range; ones that people will use; there’s no weird green or blue lipsticks here. They are all beautiful, wearable, gorgeous lipsticks. All can be worn everyday or vamped up for evening looks. I love the packaging, and these are some of the more longer wearing lippies that I own.

Urban Decay

These are another old favourite that I actually own waaaaay too many of! I started collecting the original Revolution range initially, but then they released the Vice range, which are still amazing. They kept a lot of the Revolution shades, just vamped up the packaging. Urban Decay do everything from nudes to the insane blue shades. They are really beautiful and creamy and really hydrating for the lips. I love them, especially the Sheer range. They’re just so pretty.


I don’t own a lot of Dior lipsticks; I have a few more lipglosses; but the lipsticks that I have are stunning. I love the pretty black and silver packaging and the shades are fab for day-to-day wear so I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of them. I will say that they’re not the most long-wearing lipstick, but when a product looks this pretty, who cares how often people see you applying it?

Bare Minerals

There aren’t many lipsticks in Bare Mineral’s range, but the ones that they do have are stunning! They’re all beautiful and glossy and really long-lasting. I love the packaging; how it pops down rather than lifting the lid away; it seems to protect the product a bit better. My favourite shade at the moment is make Your Move. It’s a gorgeous brown-pinky nude. I love it!


The Nars Audacious lippies are probably one of the more expensive ranges on this list, but they’re worth it. I really hope that they bring out a lipstick called jennifer one day, because they all have a woman’s name. I love products with names! It’s quite a nice personal touch. But for matte lipsticks, these are very hydrating, dopn’t smudge and are really long-lasting. I still love Anna, but I’ve been wearing Audrey a lot at the moment. It’s really pretty.



I have two Chanel lipsticks. Just two, and it’s still one of my favourite lipsticks brands. I will buy more one day, but I love the two that I own. I wear Adrienne the most. It’s such a gorgeous nude shade with just enough pink in it to be wearable. The colours are so wearable and glossy; I adore it. I love Chanel’s chic packaging; it’s just a nice simple touch for your handbag.


Did anybody not see this one coming? I love this brand. The colours are all wearable and they feel amazing on the lips; whether you want matte, sheer, cream… there’s something for everyone. I’d love to own all 120, but I doubt that I have the room for them all. I won’t rant about these too much, I’ve done it enough already.They are simply amazing!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is another brand that I only have three lipsticks. This is mainly to do with the price. I think that these are about £38 a lipstick; which is insane. But the quality of this brand truly makes up for the price. They are gorgeous and so comfortable on the lips. I love them. For the price, I picked wearable nudes and a red; shades I knew that I would get my money’s worth from. And so far so good. I love all three of them.


So those are my ten favourite brands for lipstick. What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Favourite Lipstick Brands

  1. Great post! My favourite is Dior for lipsticks, they have beautiful colours and feel so creamy on the lip and not sticky at all! Would mean a lot if you could check my blog out too! x

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