Avon vs MAC


Hi guys.

Avon pretty much blew everybody’s minds with their statement ‘More Matte Than MAC’ when they launched their new matte lipstick range. I do love matte finishes, especially in the cooler months. They just look really pretty.

Last month I bought three Avon Comfort Matte lipsticks to test out whether these really are better than MAC. If they are, brilliant; I could save a fortune!

So here’s what I found….

First of all, what you notice on both the Avon and MAC products is the packaging. Both are very sleek and look gorgeous. The Avon ones are in a matte casing, so they stand out to their other lippies, which are in a shiny case. They also have a ‘window’ and the top so you can see what colour it is. In comparison, the MAC ones, although still look sleek and gorgeous look identical to the majority of other MAC lipsticks, and have a sticker on the base with shade. However, stickers do fade, so you’re snookered trying to figure out the shade without peeking inside the product. In this round, although I love the classic MAC packaging, the point goes to Avon. 

There is a slight price difference too. Avon’s lipstick, which are technically a drugstore brand (in my opinion), retail at £8. The catalogue does have offers sometimes, so you could save some extra money at times. In comparison, MAC are £15. However, this is still a lot cheaper than most high end brands (Bare Minerals are £17, and YSL are £25). Im going to leave this as neutral ground, because I can’t fault MAC for still being cheaper than most brands.

So onto availability. Unless you have a rep available, Avon is only available to buy online or through a catalogue. This gives you the disadvantage of not being able to swatch a lipstick before buying it. I was lucky that I liked all the shades that I bought, but this may not be the case for other people. MAC on the other hand are available in stores and you can test before you buy, either by having your makeup done or swatching. Usually swatching lippies has saved me a fortune. So this point goes to MAC.

Now, onto the product itself. I have worn the Avon lipsticks quite a bit over the past few months and they are definitely really comfortable on the lips and long-lasting. I didn’t get a lot of product on glasses whilst drinking. It didn’t smudge at all, and I didn’t get the dreaded lipstick on my teeth. There is no subtle way to remove this is there guys? MAC on the other hand, as much as I love the Cremesheen and Amplified finishes, I don’t really like the matte ones. They do smudge on me and are a little bit drying; although not as bad as some liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried in the past. So for this round, Avon wins.

The final thing I wanted to compare was pigment. Both products really are very pigmented. Avon being a creamier texture does apply quite a lot of pigment in one swipe. The shades really are beautiful and very intense; even the neutral shades pack a punch! With MAC, it really depends on the shade. I have some where pigment is very rich and applies in one swipe (D for Danger), yet I have others that you really need to build it up and it can look patchy (Whirl). Therefore, Avon wins here too.

So overall, as much as I do love my MAC lipsticks, I do agree with Avon’s claim that they are more matte than MAC. Avon have really created a beautiful product. It is worth every penny.

What are your thoughts on MAC vs Avon? Did you find any other comparisons that I may have missed?

Have a lovely day guys.



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