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What I Have Learned from Selling Stuff on Ebay 


I have too much makeup. Let’s be honest here; I have too much for one person to use in their lifetime. Most of my staff has just been sitting in a box for months on end, not being used. Someone else could be using these things rather than them gathering dust.

Last month I decided to start selling some of my stuff on Ebay and Schpok, and I learned a few things on the way; some good and some bad. I wanted to share them here for anybody who may want to sell on some second hand stuff.

Beware the hidden costs: When selling on Ebay, you have to set up a payPal account to help manage your money rather than you placing your account details on a large website. Paypal is quite a secure way of managing everything. Just beware that when selling stuff, both of these sites charge a small percentage of your total ‘winnings.’ I dread to look and see what Ebay will charge me at the end of the month! I think that they take 10% of the total payout.

It is fun: It sounds weird, but I enjoyed watching the final hour bidding wars. When I sold my Urban Decay Naked Basics, the bidding went crazy in the last ten minutes. It went from £7 to £24 in a really short time! There’s something strangely satisfying watching people fight over your old makeup.

People are Mean: This has only happened once, but some people who buy from you may not be satisfied with what they have been sent and want a refund or to return the items. I got a really nasty email from one girl which essentially came down to the fact that she hadn’t read that the item was used. I told her this and she complained to Ebay who have told me to start the returns and refund process. This is going straight back onto Ebay to be resold to someone who isn’t a twat. Hopefully she hasn’t smashed it out of spite; in which case she aint getting her money back!

Research Postage costs: When I first started out I thought that Ebay’s advised postage costs were quite steep. They advise £3.99 for 1st class postage. Believe it! I didn’t realise how pricey postage is for small parcels. The Royal Mail website has a great guide on it for helping choose the postage cost for your parcels and letters if you do want help choosing how much to spend. I’d advise going with Ebay’s price. It’s usually correct.

People will Try and ‘Sob Story’ You: Unlike the mean people, this has happened quite a few times. Some of my limited edition palettes got quite a bit of attention. I got email after email begging me to place a buy it now option, stating that they would pay that now. Their amount is always ridiculously low. The Naked Basics Palette ended up going for £24, one lady early on in the auction offered me £7. I nearly took the offer as no bids were in as of yet. Thank goodness that I didn’t! You also get the next stage from that where people make up really over the top stories to gauge your sympathy. You know; single mum, dying Mother, dead dog, three kids…. the whole shebang. I might just be mean, but some of these stories are too bizarre to be true. All to save some money on makeup. I tend to say that I will see if it sells at auction, and if not I will allow them to buy it now if they can wait a few more days.

Have Decent Photographs: Make sure the pictures are clear and give the best possible true to life look that you can get. One of the ‘mean lady’s’ complaints was that my picture didn’t look like the object (bollocks, but anyway). People need to be able to see what they’re buying, especially with second hand makeup. They need to make sure that it isn’t ridiculously overused.

Only Sell Stuff that You Think People Would Want: It’s amazing what sells on Ebay. With second hand makeup, my advise is sell stuff that still looks new. Don’t sell anything that is hitting pan, looks dirty or really abused. I actually decided to keep one palette because it looked too overused to sell. I couldn’t clean it enough either.

And that is all of my advise for selling second hand makeup on Ebay. Can you think of anything else that I may have missed?

Hope you’re all having a lovely day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.




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