Favorite Reads This Year


I love to read. It really isn’t a secret. My first proper book was Terry Pratchet’s ‘Mort’ (my year 4 teacher, Mrs Hyde, thought I was mad). Since then my taste for weird, slightly creepy and hard to follow books has grown. Although I still love the odd easy-read.

I have read a fair amount this year, and the year isn’t even over; but I wanted to share some books that have really stood out this year to me. I have tried to narrow this list down quite a bit!


Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

I think that this was in a monthly favourites of mine a while back. I loved the book and I loved the film. The two main characters are so relatable, and every page will have you either laughing or crying. It’s about a young woman who is employed to keep a man paralysed from the neck down company. It’s brilliantly written and very sympathetic towards quite a touchy subject matter. It really is worth a read if you haven’t read it already; although the film is very close!

All the Bright Places- Jennifer Niven

Not all of these books are weepies, honest! I saw this on the Zoella book club stand at WH Smiths and wanted to give it a read. It really does sound a very dark book in the blurb. But this book tackles very different takes on depression and suicide, and how to move on from really tragic events. Once again, this will have you crying at times.

The Shock of the Fall- Nathan Filer

This book is really weird…. but I love it. Nathan Filer is a retired mental health nurse, and he really understands the inside of a man with Schizophrenia. This book follows a youngish man who wants to write his biography. This is a must-read for anyone who works in a mental health hospital; it gives insight into how patients actually may view our rules and restrictions (the cigarette culture is very true to point) and just how the main character changes his thoughts all of a sudden. I could see a lot of people that I take care of in this character. It’s not a sad book, but it will have you thinking.

A Throne of Glass (series)- Sarah J. Maas

I did a full review of this series here, so I won’t mention too much about it. Sarah is definitely on my list of favourite authors who can do no wrong. This series is awesome, and only topped by one other book on this list.

The Passage- Justin Cronin

I may technically be cheating with one, because I started it in 2015. But it’s my list, so I can do what I want! If you love the style that Dracula is written in, you will love this! It’s all written in the style of diaries, interview recordings, texts, emails… whatever way information can be recorded. This book is about Vampires but not the sexy vampires from most Young Adult fiction. These are really evil killing machines, who have pretty much wiped out the human race, and the few surviving humans go in the search of a cure. I haven’t read the second book yet, but I love the first one. It’s a really interesting, if a very hard-going book.

The Year I Met You- Cecilia Ahern

This is quite an easy-going book about alcoholism and snoopy neighbors. It made a nice change from some of the harder going subject matters that I had read prior. This is about a woman who gets sacked from her job, and in the year that follows she gets to learn more about the lives of her neighbours. It really is a nice, easy read.

Remember Me?- Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie. She is hilarious! Remember Me is one of those really odd books where you don’t know whether the situation is really happening or not. It follows a young woman who’s at a party, gets knocked out and wakes up a few years later from a coma. Her life has dramatically changed and she has no idea what’s going on. She somehow has a husband, a company and a lover. It’s such a funny book, but also quite sad. But definitely one of my favourites of hers. It still doesn’t beat Twenties Girl though!

A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah J Maas

This has got to be my favourite book of the year. I finished reading it an hour ago, and I’m already having withdrawals. I can’t wait for the 4th of May to arrive for book three. It’s just such a fantastic book. I’ll probably get a bit of hate about this, but it’s essentially about domestic abuse, and moving on after some pretty traumatic events. This book and the prequel are all linked to the Beaty and the Beast fairytale however it’s much more grown up. I will do another spoiler/non-spoiler review of this book later in the week once my feelings have sorted themselves out.


So those are my favourite books so far this year. What are yours?

Hope you’re having a lovely day guys. Sorry, I’m a lot late today; I was asleep!






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