I’m an Affiliate for Mikasa Beauty



Hi guys,

I’m doing an extra post today because I’ve got some exciting news. I’ve just become an affiliate for Mikasa Beauty. They are quite a new company that specialise in makeup brushes, although they do have the odd makeup and hair care item.

The range does look amazing, which is why I decided to join their group of affiliates.

As part of this I have a 15% voucher for any of my followers. You can use this on any of the Mikasa products on the website. They do ship worldwide too.


Just type this in the discount box when you go to pay. I’ll be placing an order on payday so I will begin reviewing the products too. From what I have seen so far, this does look a really cool brand worth checking out. The brushes look amazing.

I’ll start popping any discount codes that I receive on a separate page if you ever want to access them.

I could never have gotten this far without all of you guys’ support. Thanks for all the lovely comments and advise that you’ve given me since the start.



4 comments on “I’m an Affiliate for Mikasa Beauty”

  1. Hello Jennifer! I am writing this comment to ask you how this program is? I’ve recently been contacted by them and have offered me this great opportunity. I don’t want it to be a scam or any of that weird stuff. Has it been good so far? Thank you

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    1. I did research it online before I signed up. It’s not a scam. I haven’t made any money yet but that’s my fault, I haven’t purchased anything myself yet to advertise. Waiting for the dollar to be better value. I’d go for it xx


  2. I did my research on it as well and didn’t find anything negative about it what so ever but I wanted to contact someone that is affiliated with them already and have them give me their honest opinion so thank you ❤

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