Treats in the Post from Clinique


Freebies are brilliant, aren’t they. And this is the second lovely gift that I have received from Clinique. The last one was an engraved lipstick from their new Matte Pop range. This time it was a cute little mini Lip Pop lipstick from the original line, which are my favourites if I’m honest.

This lovely, unexpected gift was for my birthday, which was such a lovely thing to open. I really wasn’t expecting it and I really appreciate the thought from Clinique for sending me something.

The shade they sent me was Plum Pop, which I do already own, and it is one of my most worn shades. It’s such a pretty darker nude shade. It’s really flattering, especially in the winter. The Colour Pop lippies are some of the loveliest creamy formulas too. They are really long-lasting for a creamy formula.

I do own quite a few Clinique lipsticks, so if you would like me to do a post/video swatching my entire collection, let me know.

Thank you Clinique for another lovely gift.



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