High Street Beauty Christmas Offers Guide


Hi guys.

Christmas is a time where a lot of money gets spent; on ourselves and well as our loved ones. And high street/ drugstore shops really know how to make us spend that well-earned cash.

There are so many amazing beauty offers in both Superdrug and Boots at the moment ready for us to make another cheeky purchase for our makeup obsessed friends and relatives (or ourselves). So I have looked at some of my favourite high street brands and listed them here for you guys. I will link all the offers below.


Superdrug: Bourjois’ free gifts are amazing this year. At Superdrug, if you purchase over £12 worth of products, you receive full sized items of an eyeshadow quad, a kohl liner and mascara. I actually bought things for this offer and all the products are amazing. I love the grey smoky eye palette.


Boots: Boots has a very similar offer. If you spend £15 you get a free gift including a makeup bag, a liquid liner, mascara and liquid lipstick. This does look a lovely offer, but I would get more use out of the Superdrug one. It had more products that I didn’t already own.



Max Factor

Superdrug: This one isn’t as exciting as the Bourjois gift set. You get a free makeup bag if you buy three items. Although they are on 3 for 2 at the moment.

Boots: Max Factor always do a pretty amazing free gift with Max factor, and this year is no exception. In the gift, you get a mascara,a lip gloss and a primer.  All are full-sized items, and you get a cute red faux leather makeup bag too. It’s absolutely stunning.



Superdrug: This is another offer that I actually bought. If you purchased three items on 3 for 2, you got a free eyeshadow palette. I think that this is the one that is actually for sale in America. I could be wrong, but it looks a really pretty neutrals palette.

Boots: Revlon’s free gift with Boots is available if you spend £15. In it you get full sized mascara, lipstick and nail polish. There is a fourth item, but I can’t work out what it is in the picture. It could be an eyeliner. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll update the post.



GOSH is only available at Superdrug in the UK.And I love the look of their free gift, although I do already own it. You get the New York 9 shade palette if you spend over £10. Absolute bargain!

Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is only available at Boots.If you spend over £15 you get minis of their Mascara, a lip gloss and a strobing cream. This is probably my least favourite free gift this year.


Superdrug: Superdrug’s offer on Rimmel is if you buy 3 items you get a cute black tote bag with the Rimmel logo. Again, Rimmel is on 3 for 2 at Superdrug at the moment.

Boots: Boots has a lovely free gift for brow queens this year. You get a sweet gold makeup bag, plus a brow powder kit. This is available if you buy 3 items with Rimmel.



Superdrug: This free gift is available if you buy three L’Oreal items. And you get the Million Lashes mascara. I’ve used this in the past and it is amazing.

Boots: This is a very similar offer to Superdrug. You get the original nudes palette if you spend £12.99 or more. I have used this palette before and I wasn’t that keen, but I know plenty of other people love it.


And those are all the offers hat have caught my eye. Would you like me to do a similar one for high end brands?

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!



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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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