Chunky/ Not Chunky Glitter

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Hi guys! 

If you can’t wear glitter at Christmas, when can you wear it? 

The other night I used an eyeshadow that gets very little wear most of the time. But you know what, it’s December and I gave Dior’s Eyeshadow ‘Pulse’ a whirl. 

This is a very pigmented, glittery pressed eyeshadow pigment. I have tried applying this with a brush in the past, and it goes everywhere! 

Instead I used my fingers and pressed it onto the lid over the top of a neutral eyeshadow. Honestly, the effect was gorgeous! 

Pulse does look a very chunky glitter in the pan however it is absolutely stunning on the lids. It’s so beautiful. 

I’m going to be wearing this to add a touch of definition if I ever wear neutral shadow from now on. I just need more sparkle in my life! 

What glittery shadows are you loving at the moment? 

I’ll see you tomorrow guys! 


PS. I have bought a dressing table guys! As soon as I get it sorted I will do a How I store my makeup post, and you can view the extent of my addiction. 


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