A First Look at my Dressing Table


Yey! I finally got one! I have hated having my makeup in those clear bags for so long. At least now they can breathe and have a bit more room.

I bought this off a girl who works in the same company as me. She needed space in her house and wanted £30 for it. Bargain! 

It’s a solid pine table with nine useable drawers. The drawers are quite deep too so I can fit a fair bit in them. 

On the top is where I have my brushes. I have more but these are the ones that I will be using at the moment. All my eye brushes are in the other container. These are old candle holders. They just looked really pretty so I put them to good use. 

I have got my Stackers jewellery box up here too. It needs a good sorting out so I won’t show you inside there! 

Of course I have a fair few candles on display to make everything look pretty! 

The mirror is something that my sister found in an antique shop in Glasgow. She had it in the back of her wardrobe so I pinched it for my table. 

I’m using the middle drawer for my current everyday items. I have a few skincare things in here along with my base products. 

The left side needs a good sorting out. From top to bottom I’ve got my base products (primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder), then my colour products such as Blush, bronzers and highlights, then I have lip products, and finally my skincare. 

I will be sorting these out properly once I get some containers. 

On the right side are mainly eye products. I have all my stick products in one drawer, then all the singles and smaller palettes, followed with a drawer full of larger palettes. In the bottom drawer I’ve got a lot of makeup books. These won’t be staying here, I’m just keeping them here for now. 

And that is my dressing table so far. It’s a long way from being the way I want it to look but I’m happy with how I’m have things so far. I’ll be much happier once the left side looks as tidy as the right side. 

What sort of things do you guys use to separate products in your dressing tables? 

Thanks for reading guys! 

Have a lovely day.



3 comments on “A First Look at my Dressing Table”

  1. Idk how deep your drawers are, but you could “stand” your palettes on their side (I hope that makes sense). Almost like storing movies or CDs lol so they’re not sitting atop one another.

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