What Lipstick should I be Wearing?

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One question I get asked a lot is what shade of lipstick should I be wearing this time of year. I get asked this a lot by friends outside the blogging community. And my honest answer?

Go with whatever shade suits you.

Everybody I know has different tastes in every aspect of our lives. It’s what makes us unique. I could tell someone what Vogue states is the go to shade for the Season and they might go, “Really? I don’t suit red!”

My advise is always go with whatever you’re comfortable with. I personally wear red lipsticks a lot in the Winter, although I do dabble in berry and neutral tones occassionally. That’s just me. I’m a lipstick chameleon! I rarely follow trends and go with whatever is comfortable to me.


However, I know some people do like to play around with trends and you can still do that whilst staying within your comfort zone. Those who are terrified of reds, you can find very red toned sheer lipsticks, or deeper nude shades that are bang on trend without making you want to check your face in terror every thirty seconds! Something like Tom Ford’s Allejandro or Clinique’s Fireball Pop are ideal. Both are quite initially sheer, but can be built up to more daring deep, sexy reds. Is it okay to call a lipstick sexy? I’m going with it!


So my advise is, there is no set lipstick shade that you must wear this season. Slap on those gorgeous lips of yours whatever feels comfortable. If you want to wear a denim blue lippie, you go for it!

What lipstick shades do you feel like you suit the most?

Hope you’re having a lovely day guys!



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