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Beauty Favourites of 2016


Hi guys!

I was going to save this post for the new year, but if Wayne Goss can do his top products early, so can I!

I have rounded up everything that I have loved this year and put it into one giant post. So, grab yourself a hot drink and a snack, and we’ll get onto it. This is going to take a while!



Some of you may remember that earlier in the year, my skin had a little tantrum and fell out with my usual well-loved products. Something bad happened, so I had to find new things. Out of everything that I gave a go this year, these were the skincare number 1’s. I stopped using serums altogether. It’s just not something that my skin really needed, and it seemed a lot of money for expensive products that honestly didn’t make enough of a difference to justify me paying the price every few months. So my skincare regime pretty much was toner, eye cream, moisturiser and cleanser (to take off).

So to tone my skin this year, my favourite has got to be the Decleor Aroma Cleanse. I have the 200ml bottle from a spa visit with my Mam. We have both used this since June and a little really goes a long way. It feels really fresh on the skin and it just helps keep everything toned, and pores looking tight. My Mam actually commented saying that she’d noticed a difference in her skin; and this is a woman who firmly believes Moisturiser is all you need.

And speaking of moisturiser, I have two favourites. The first one, I don’t have anymore because it ran out and I started using the other one. The first being the Bare Minerals Butter Drench. This moisturiser really helped my skin become normal again. It just smells delicious and absorbs like magic into the skin. Make applies beautifully over it too. I loved using it whislt I had it, and it will be a repurchase once this other runs out. The other being the Clinique Moisture Surge. This is a sample size, and it’s lasted me ages. When my skin feels really tight and ick I massage this into it. It gives dry skin new life and feels absolutely amazing. This has been my Godsend on night shifts!

I have one favourite eye cream this year and that is the Dior Hydra Life eye cream. It’s amazing, that’s all I want to say. A little goes a long way with this stuff; it truly is worth every penny!


Face Mask

I did try quite a few different face masks this year, but the one that stuck out the most was a one from The Body Shop. I use the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask on days where my skin really is very dry, which is a fair bit, especially when it was the Summer. One of the reasons that I love this stuff is because even though it cost £15, a little product goes a long way so you don’t need a mound of product to cover your face. And once it is one, it feels amazing. I tend to leave it on half an hour, wash it off and chill out for the rest of the night. It just leaves babysoft skin. It’s amazing. Truly worth the price!


One of the few primers that I tried this year that really stuck out was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It is fantastic! It reminds me a lot of The Body Shop’s Instablur, but this blends out a lot smoother. Once it sets, foundation blends beautifully over the top. I actually enjoy using this with the Bare Minerals Ready Foundation. They work really well together. But in general, this primer really helps makeup last longer on the skin; it’s awesome!


I actually have two favourites for foundation. The first one is my old favourite, which I’m gutted about being discontinued. It is of course Bare Minerals Ready Foundation. I love this product. It is the best foundation! I hate the Bare Pro; I’m sorry but I do. It is not the same product. Bare Pro has been made for oilier skintones. Ready was designed for dry skintones. Why not keep both Bare Minerals? Why? I’m really mad at you for getting rid of my favourite foundation!

However, if compact mineral foundations are not your thing, and you prefer something more liquidy, another favourite has been the Lancome Teint Idol Cushion. I am now onto my second compact of this. Once you have the outer case, the refills are actually quite cheap. But this gives beautiful, full coverage with minimum product, without the skin looking caked in product. It’s such a beautiful product, and one of the few cushion products that I liked using.


I had to change my choice for this recently. Prior to December I would have hands down admitted that the Bare Minerals Bareskin Concealer was my favourite concealer this year, however I was noticing that it began creasing a lot a few hours after applying it. So I started using the Chanel Correcteur Perfection, which is a lot thicker in consistency under my eyes. This is amazing as a concealer! It applies beautifully and stays put a really long time without creasing. I will be purchasing a new one as soon as this runs out. I absolutely love it!


I finally bought into the hype of this product after having my makeup done at a chanel counter. This is such a cult product, it actually surprises me that it took me so long to buy it. It’s of course the Chanel Soleil de Tan cream bronzer. I have used this so much, yt only a tiny dent shows in the product. A little goes a long way, and this is the perfect product for contouring or bronzing up your face. It’s so beautiful and feels really luxurious. It truly is worth all the hype.


I have gone back to my blogging routes and started using the Bare Minerals loose blush powders again. They truly are amazing quality. I love the shades Golden Gate and Vintage Peach. They blend out beautifully and look so natural on the skin. There is quite a variety of shades to choose from so there’s definitely something there for everyone.


This is one of the topics that I’m going to find the trickiest. I have really discovered highlighters this year! I have used them so much, and have loved quite a few. However, if I had to pick my ultimate favourite highlighter of 2016 it would be Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator in Indiscretion. Oh wow, does this pack a punch! It’s such a gorgeous golden glow that’s just the perfect shade for my skin tone. This just looks so amazing, and the shimmer in the product isn’t chunky, making it look as natural as highlighter can get but also adds that gorgeous sun-kissed glow that we all strive for.


Setting Powder

There is only one, and that is the Dior Forever and Ever Powder. This creates the illusion of polished, flawless skin, and is perfect for setting under eye concealer. It’s such an amazing product. I do wish it was cheaper, but it’s Dior, so you do pay for that little touch of luxury within a gorgeous product.

Brow Product

My brows really have been one of my focuses this year. I’ve tried so many, but the ultimate product of the year is definitely the Benefit Ka-Brow pomade. This is so easy to use, and can help make natural brows or the Instagram worthy ones that you see on the likes of Manny MUA and Jaclyn Hill. The formula is water resistant and does last all day. It’s brilliant!

Eyelid Primer

I’ve just some utterly rubbish eyelid primers this year and some half decent ones. But it wasn’t hard to pick which one has been my favourite; and I haven’t actually mentioned it a lot on my blog. My favourite eyelid primer has been The Body Shop’s Instablur Eyes.  I do get oily eyelids at times and this really helps leave the surface of my eye in perfect condition for eyeshadow. I don’t need to set this one with powder either. It’s brilliant. It helps my eyeshadow last all day and really enhances the colour too. It does have a slight yellow tone so it neutralises any redness on the eye.

Eyeshadow Singles

If you’ve seen my dressing table drawers, you’ll have seen how many eyeshadows I actually own; I have one for the pencil products, one for singles and duos/quads, and the other for large palettes. So just about enough for one person! Out of everything that I have tried this year, my favourite single eyeshadow collection is the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. These are fantastic for easy eyeshadow days where you want a quick slap of something on the lid. They last all day without creasing and the shades are stunning! I love the shades Orchid and Peacock, but I love them all. They’re easy to blend and look amazing matched with powder shadows.

Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are probably what make up the majority of my makeup stash. And since I have used and loved so many I’m going to choose two; a quad and a big one. So my favourite quad has been Charlotte Tilbury’s The Vintage Vamp. It’s absolutely stunning, and I love the rich burgundy-plum hybrid shade. The shades are so creamy and blend beautifully with very little fallout. Even though I bought this in the spring, and it very much had the look of an Autumnal palette, I have worn it all year round. It’s just so beautiful.

My favourite larger palette has been my Betty Book Z-Palette. This replaced my MAC palette and holds twice as many eyeshadows. I had a lot of fun customising this with my favourite MAC, NYX and Makeup Geek shadows. I definitely use this a lot more now that all of my favourite eyeshadow shades are in one place.



Will this come as any surprise? My favourite eyeliner has to be the Lancome Grandiose Liquid Liner; they are just so fab! I love how the wand bends to make wings easier to map out and fill. I actually use all three colours equally. I love the sapphire shade on its own with a bright red lippie. It’s so pretty!


I’ve actually been a bit of a mascara strumpet this year. I have tried out so many! However, I am going to pick the Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara as my ultimate favourite 2016 mascara. It doesn’t smudge on me, it lasts all day and doesn’t clump. I honestly don’t feel that the twisty bit makes much of a difference but I use this every day for both my upper and lower lashes.

Lip Liner

My favourite lip liners have been the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats. These are so creamy and richly pigmented that they could be worn alone without drying the lips out, but they’re equally good at acting as a base for lipstick. They are some of the best lip liners that I have tried.

Lipstick Brand

There have been so many beautiful lipstick launches this year and I’m torn between two brands. Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick launch is gorgeous, and there are some beautiful shades among the collections. However my favourite brand has still got to be Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipsticks. There are so many colours and they all feel so creamy and nourishing on the lips. If you would like to see my current Smashbox lipstick collection, I made a video, which is still up on Youtube.

Red Lipstick

I love red lipstick, and I’m really curious to see how this shade looks with my red hair.As I’m writing this, I haven’t actually tried it out yet. My favourite red lipstick from this year has got to have been Clinique’s Passion Pop. It’s an absolutely stunning dark, rich red with enough of a blue undertone to really flatter the skin and teeth; it makes mine look whiter. It is a creamy texture, but the formula is really long-lasting. It’s beautiful!

Nude Lipstick

I have so many nude lipsticks! I actually surprised myself as I was sorting them out earlier this month. If I had to pick just one nude lipstick as my favourite from the year, it would be Tom Ford’s Casablanca. I wore this for my interview for the Band 3 job at work, and I got it. Probably more to do with my skills and knowledge of the job role than what lipstick I wore, but this lippie is so flattering. It gives enough colour without overpowering the face, and it doesn’t smudge. The formula is so hydrating too so you don’t have that issue of crusty mouth partway through the day.

Berry Lipstick

I adore berry lipsticks. I really embraced my inner goth this year and extended my berry lipsticks beyond my Bare Minerals Live Large lipstick. My most used berry lipstick from this year has been Charlotte Tilbury’s Vintage Vamp. This is such a stunning colour that can look red in some lights. It can be worn quite sheer, but I do like to build up the colour a lot. It’s such a pretty lipstick which definitely got a lot of use this year.

Pink Lipstick

I have come away from pinks a bit this year, opting more for berries, reds and nudes. However there are a few pink lipsticks that stood out and kept me reaching for them. My favourite for the year is definitely Smashbox’s Punch Drunk. I was obsessed with this shade when I bought it, and was gutted when I found out that it was initially not going to be among the new launch. But then it got brought back! Yippee! Punch Drunk is a deep pink shade. It’s really flattering, matte and long lasting. It gives that instant boost of confidence that you might need on a bad day. I love it so much!

Lip Gloss

I got rid of a lot of my lipglosses earlier in the year.I just wasn’t using them as much as I used to. However I did keep a few. Out of the ones that I kept, my favourite has been Nars’ Dolce Vita. This is such a beautiful lipgloss! It has a lovely pink, terracotta shade that looks so flattering. For a lip gloss, this isn’t sticky (although I still wouldn’t wear it on a date! Chris might object to a lip gloss. However on days where I want quite a natural lip, this is my go-to lip gloss.


I have one definitive perfume favourite this year. I bought it in the Summer and have used it almost every day since. And that is Prada’s Candy Kiss. This is such a beautiful scent! It’s so feminine without being to sickly sweet. It’s that lovely middle ground. It is sweet without being to sweet. I’ll definitely keep using this throughout 2017 too; there’s still loads in the bottle.


Nail Polish

I went through quite a lot of nail polishes this year, but my favourite collection has been Model’s Own Hydra Gel. These look beautiful! The formula is just magic; it layers over cracks and splits in the nail and makes them look healthy. I love all the colours, and I love how quick these ones take to dry. They truly are a wonderful product!

And those are all of my favourites from the year. I’m really looking forward to reading or watching your yearly favourites. Please link them below so that I can read yours too.

Here’s to a fab 2017 guys!





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  1. Great post!! Oo I have dry skin too I need to check out that foundation! Im so annoyed that most foundations are for oily skin types. I’ve spent so much this year trying to find the best foundation! 😩haha great review and happy new year doll xx

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