Dying my Hair 

Hi guys!

Happy new Year once again. Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the year. 

I have had blonde hair for the majority of my life, and I really fancied a change.  I got a bit bored and my hairdressers, Steven, was feeling creative. He asked me if I fancied having copper in my hair.

Well, I said yes! 

As lovely as my blonde hair was, I just wasn’t having any fun styling my hair. I missed having a fringe and I wanted to feel excited about my hair again. 

The hairdressers that I go to uses all vegan/vegetarian/ non-animal tested stuff, and I can’t remember the brand of the dye. All I remember is the number (666) and that it smelled amazing, and didn’t itch my scalp. 

He didn’t cover all my hair in the dye, he blended in some of my natural hair colour to give it a more natural feel. It was fascinating watching him pick out different bits to colour. I did look a bit mad whilst it was developing, what with all the foil in my hair!

I did get a full fringe put it, and left the length alone. I actually enjoy having long hair. I can do a lot more with it if I wanted to. 

I absolutely love it! I can get away with more dramatic eye looks now and it’s warmed my skin up a lot. I actually look healthier some how! 

What do you guys think of the change? Do I suit being a red head? 

Have a lovely day guys. Take care.



2 thoughts on “Dying my Hair 

  1. You look so good! I totally love how the red suits your face, and I think that red lipstick just topped it all off!

    Xoxo, Rawan M from RMAI

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