My First Beauty Box

Hi everyone!

For a self proclaimed beauty addict, I’ve never signed up to a subscription box. I don’t know why, I just never really saw a need. 

However, I got an offer through one of my emails to get 50% off my first Birchbox order. So I would only pay £5, plus the £2.50 for delivery. Not too shabby. 

My box only took a week to arrive and I loved the packaging. Once you got the outer protective box removed, the packaging was beautiful! 

I got 5 items in my Birchbox; two full sized items and 3 samples.

The thing that impressed me the most was the Ciate Eyeliner, which I’ve used once and love it! 

The mascara is a lovely sample, and I love the wand on this mascara. It gives lovely flattery eyelashes.

The nail Polish is a beautiful colour. It’s in the shade Perfection, which will be perfect for Spring.

I have used the Benefit Benetint in the past and loved it. I’m looking forward to trying it out again. 

The final item I haven’t used yet but I will be after I write this post. It’s actually exfoliation and I haven’t used one on my skin for a while. This may do some good. I will do a mini review of this product if you want one. 

Overall, I was impressed with my box. I might keep the subscription going one more month and see what I get in January. 

Have a lovely day guys! 



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