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Hi guys!

I love a good bargain. And when I find high end makeup at TK Maxx for a fraction of the price, I’m happy.

I was feeling quite spendy on this day, and bought quite a few items from Makeup Forever, Nars, Bare Minerals, Too Faced and Laura Mercier. At the regular prices, this may have been around about £200 plus, however, it all came to short of £50. Absolute bargain!

One of the items that I bought was a Laura Mercier Lipstick in the shade ‘Maya.’ It’s a gorgeous terracota red shade without being too opaque.

And I paid £8 for it! Can’t complain really considering how pricey Laura Mercier’s gorgeous products normally are. 

Even though it was cheap, I love the satiny gloss finish of this lipstick. It’s truly lovely, and an ideal date lipstick. I’m really tempted to wear this on Saturday.

What has been your latest beauty bargain? 

Have a lovely day guys.



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