Dior Nail Polish 

Hi everyone! 

I bought myself a cheeky treat from Dior before Christmas; a Dior Poison Girl gift set. 

The perfume itself is gorgeous and very feminine, but that’s a separate post. 

What I wanted to talk about today are what came in the gift set too. The perfume came with two nail polishes. 

I’ve never had a Dior Nail Polish, but my sister has in the past and loves them. 

I have the shades 661 and the Nail Glow. 661 is a really pretty, opaque pink shade. It’s so beautiful! The formula dries really quickly and doesn’t chip easily. It’s fab! 

The Nail Glow, could be worn on its own to add a nice pinky tint to the Nails, but I’ve been using it to make the nail surface a bit gel looking after applying a colour. This also dries really quickly so you’re not standing around for ages waiting for your nails to dry. 

These were only sample sizes but you still get a fair amount of product. And these definitely make me fancy trying more Dior polishes in the future. 

Have you tried Dior Nail Polishes? What are your thoughts? 

Have a nice day guys! 



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