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Bare Minerals Gen Nude Collection


Bare Minerals is one of my favourite makeup companies. I love the majority of their products and have been excited to try their new lip range since it launched in America back in July.I realy, really wanted to try them. 

I, among a few people probably, was contacted by Bare Minerals at the end of November asking if I would like to try them. The email came under a weird email address so I was a bit dubious, but after contacting Bare Minerals and realising that this was genuine, I jumped at the chance. But I was only expecting sample sizes. Not the full sized items.


I was honestly gob-smacked when I received these four items in the post. Bare Minerals has been so generous to give me four full-sized products; one of each new product. And everything that they sent me, is a shade that I would wear. I was really moved.

Bare Minerals did ask me to write reviews on their website, which  I have done (although I got jumbled up and wrote about the matte lip product on the butter cream page- oops!). However, I did want to write a review for here and go a tad more in depth than what I did on the website.

What’s Gen Nude?

Gen Nude is a new range of lip products that is partially replacing the Marvelous Moxie Collection. And as the name suggests, the whole range is full of neutral tones.

There are four new products in the range including lipsticks, lipgloss, liquid lipstick and lip liners. All are in lovely chic matte black packaging. It’s very reminiscent of the original Bare Minerals cases. Some of the newer launches have shiny black lids. To keep the glosses and liquid lippies unconfused, the liquid lipsticks are in a frosted glass tube, which looks gorgeous.

The range costs between £14 and £18 depending on the product, so they are of similar prices to the Moxie products.

There are a total of sixty new products all together, and there will be something to suit all skin tones.


Matte Liquid Lip Colour £17

Long wearing, full coverage, moisturising and non-tacky.

I love all the new releases, but this one really excited me.

Honestly, most liquid lipsticks on me dry my lips out and make me want to scrub them off after about an hour or so. As soon as I applied the shade Juju* I noticed the difference immediately. These feel very cooling when they first apply, and are so creamy. The shade is so opaque that only one layer would be enough.

I was expecting this to wear away after a few hours however this somehow stayed bullet proof the entire day! I ate a sandwich and this didn’t budge. I didn’t even get the crescent moon of lipstick on my chin. Awesome!

As I had this on all day, I did test out the non-tackiness claim. Once this is applied, you forget that it’s there. My lips didn’t stick together or look gross after a few hours. They just felt like lips.

This was definitely one of my favourite products in the launch.



Buttercream Lipgloss £17

Sheer to medium coverage, Plumping and moisturising formula, non-sticky balmy shine, ultra buttery texture

As far as I’m aware the Buttercream range existed prior to Gen Nude, but only in certain stores. In the UK, I think it was a QVC thing only.

As you can tell from the picture, I love these already. They look so pretty! I have the shades Forbidden *, Must Have, Flirt and Heartbreaker. The shades are so stunning and so apply as the colour that you see in the tube. In my opinion, these are full coverage for a gloss. They have so much pigment in them that they can be worn on their own.Although when I was playing I put Heartbreaker over the top of Juju and they looked amazing.

These apply really easily, the applicator just glides over the lips leaving a gorgeous even colour, which isn’t sticky at all. I genuinely forgot that I was wearing a gloss today.

These do plump up my lips slightly, although they don’t tingle like the Moxie line. They also don’t smell minty, which I’m going to miss. However they still have a lovely sweet scent which I can’t place.

The colour range does go from paler nudes to dark browns so there will be a nude shade to suit everyone’s tastes. These are an amazing product and I can’t wait to try some more.


Radiant Lipstick £18

Medium Coverage, moisturising colour, addictive creamy texture

The lipsticks are very different from the Moxie line. Where the Marvelous Moxie lipsticks are quite opaque, these ones are more on the sheer to medium side. Yes, you can build them up, but they do look lovely as a single wash of colour. I have the shades Heaven* and Love. I do have my eye on the shades Tutu and XOX, which are gorgeous pink shades.

These are not as long lasting as the other products in the line up but they still give a fair wear time of a few hours. These are more balmy in texture so they’re not designed to cling to your lips like a liquid lipstick. But honestly, I don’t mind applying these over and over again; they feel amazing and so hydrating!

The packaging is really sleek in the original matte black of most of the Bare Minerals collections, and has a traditional lipstick case. I quite liked the old packaging on the Moxies once I figured out how they worked, but it’s a new design for a new product.

My only gripe is that they don’t have a coloured sticker on the base to tell you which colour is which. It’s black with white print. It’s a minor thing, but it does make things tricky when picking out a lip colour.

Overall though I do love this product too.


Under Over Liner £14

Creamy, Blendable formula

I wasn’t really the biggest fan of the Moxie liners. I found them quite hard on my lips, and they tugged slightly. These are a lot different from them.

The Under Over Liners are more of a traditional liner than most out these days. They’re in the traditional pencil formula, which I quite like. These also have the shade on the base of the pencil to help you select the colour that you need.

There are only 5 shades in the pencils, and when I read the reviews there were people hoping that more shades are added soon for people with deeper skin tones. To me the five available do look to cater for the shades available in the lip product range. However, I have only tried one of the products, which suited my skin-tone well. I have no idea how people with deeper skin tones fare with these shades.

The liner is beautiful to apply and is creamy enough to be worn for a matte lip look on it’s own. My shade, Borderline*, is a beautiful pale nude shade, which gives a lovely my lips but better type of colour. I did have this on all day underneath Juju and it didn’t dry my lips out.

These are stunning, although it would be nice to have more shades available.


What are your thoughts on the new lip line? Have you got any favourites?

Have a lovely day guys.



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