The Eye Product Addict Tag Update 2016/7

Hi guys!

Back when I first created Jennifer’s Beauty Place over on Weebly I also attempted to develop my own beauty tag. I didn’t have any followers back then so this tage didn’t really get out there. However, as a tradition I still update the tag every year because I’m proud of it and really like the questions, and you never know, others may one day take part.

So here is my update on the Eye Product Addict Tag (last year’s answers). I’m tagging all other eye product addicts who reads this to take part.


1: Favourite neutral eye palette?

My favourite neutral eyeshadow palette at the moment has got to be the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics. This palette is completely matte and it’s something that I reach for everyday mainly for crease work and transition shades. There are times where I just wear this on it’s own, but for the majority of the time, I always whip out another palette or eyeshadow to wear with it. I do use this everyday and I love it!

2: Cream, Pigments or Pressed shadows?

I’m torn between pigments and pressed shadows. I do love a cream eyeshadow for easy days but I love experimenting with my eyes, and powders are the best way to do that. I find powders and pigments so blendable and actually last longer on my eyelids. Most cream shadows tend to fade after a few hours unless I pile powder shades on top.

3: Best luxury vs drugstore eye product?

My favourite luxury eye product is definitely my Chanel Eyeshadow Duos. I only tend to buy these with my Boots points as a treat to myself, so they are quite special. The shadows are really pigmented and blend beautifully. They’re just so gorgeous! My favourite drugstore products would have to be Nyx eyeshadows. I love these. They are such good quality for their price range. I actually have a fair few in a Z-Palette, and I prefer some of these to my MAC eyeshadows. They are just stunning!

4: Do eyeshadow primers make a difference?

Yes. I finally found one that does make a difference, and that’s the Body Shop’s Instablur Eye Primer. This leaves a nice even surface for eyeshadow to stick to, and with it being slightly yellow in tone it actually cancels out any discoloration in the eyelid. It’s an amazing product!

5: Most disappointing eye product?

I don’t actually have one. At the moment I am loving everything that I own. I’ve not had that, “I wish you were better” moment with any of the products in my collection.

6: Best product/s for getting rid of dark circles?

I actually have a combo that I use on my dark circles. I first apply the Chanel Correcteur Perfection concealer under my eyes to get rid of any redness. I then go over this with the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer, then set it with the Dior Forever and Ever Powder. This combo works wonders and I know that it will last all day. It’s brilliant!

7: Most desired eye product you really wish was in your collection?

I really want a Natasha Denona palette. You hear so many great things about her eyeshadows, and I’d love to own at least one palette of hers. I really want the massive green and brown palette but it’s £199 and I just think that it’s a bit excessive for one product. maybe once I win the lottery, I’ll treat myself to it.


8: Favourite mascara?

My ultimate favourite mascara is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. This gives me the blackest of black, long, glamourous lashes that I’ve ever gotten. It’s amazing! I do use the Subversion primer with it, and together they’re awesome.

Another more recent favourite has been the Clinique Flutter to Full mascara, which I do use for both my upper and lower lashes on more natural lash days. It’s such a lovely product.

9: The Most Expensive Eye Product You Own?

I’ve always included my MAC x15 for this question,but I’m not this time. What I am going to include is the Urban Decay palettes. Some of these cost £43, but you get so many eyeshadows in them of such amazing quality. I still use my Vice 4 quite a bit, and I recently added the Full Spectrum one to my collection. Although very pricey, they’re worth every penny.


10: Best for Brows?

My favourite brow product has got to be the Benefit Ka-Brow. I never thought that I would be a brow pomade girl, but this is amazing. It manages to make lashes look really natural and fuller, but will last all day. I never feel overdone when I use this since you only need a tiny amount of product to fill in your brows. It’s awesome!

11: Liquid or gel liner?

Liquid. I find this the easiest to create winged liner looks without creating too much of a mess. My favourites are the Lancome Grandiose Liners. I love the bendy wand, and how easy it is to create even flicks. It lasts such a long time on the eyelids too!

12: Who is your favourite beauty guru on youtube for creating beautiful eye combinations?

Nothing has changed here either. It’s still Shelby Ashburn. Although she claims to rarely do any eye makeup on herself normally, her eyes always look amazing in her videos. I have loved watching all the different looks she creates; they’re never the same, but all look wearable for everyday. If you haven’t watched her videos, you need to check her out. She really deserves more followers than what she has.

13: You are invited to a red carpet event. Which beauty artist would you choose to do your makeup?

This would again be Shelby. She is a makeup artist and does some gorgeous looks. I think she would do a lovely job of my makeup. Unfortunately she lives in America, and I doubt that she would ever come to England.

14: Something special?

My something special this year is going to be the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes. They are gorgeous! They can be worn quite naturally, or can be built up to stunning evening glam looks. The formula is so buttery and really blendable. I have loved using them lately, and will continue to love them as the years go by. The packaging looks so chic too. It’s gorgeous!

And that is my Eye Product Addict Tag. Please let me know if you do this. I’d love to read your answers.

Bye for now!




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