Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation


Foundations are one of those necessities that most women reach for in their daily routine. And we all have very unique and specific desires when it comes to the perfect foundation. In my case I want something to be medium coverage, moisturising and long-lasting.

There are quite a few foundations that do fulfill this criteria for me, and you’ve heard to go on and on about them time and time again, **cough-cough, Ready foundation!** However it doesn’t stop me giving new releases a fair go. Especially now that current favourite foundation is discontinued.

The hunt is on!



I’ve heard mixed reviews regarding the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation which is a newish release from the company. I think it launched in the Autumn. It costs £27 and claims to be a full coverage foundation. This also claims to be waterproof. I’ll certainly be putting that to the test.

The packaging is gorgeous. It looks like the spiderweb design from the Vice 4 palette, which was one of my favourite launches from Urban Decay. It also continues the gun-metal colours from the Vice lipstick ranges. The lid is also quite sturdy, and doesn’t pop off easily.

I wear the shade 3.5, which is quite a fair shade with just a lovely warm hint to it. I do prefer yellow undertoned foundations for myself; I think they look a lot better. And I’d say that this was a perfect match for my skin.

The application and finish of this foundation is where people become divided. I have seen reviews that claim that this foundation sat funny on their pores, it was cakey or even that it didn’t apply evenly.

The first time that I used this I applied my Makeup For Ever Step 1 Hydrating Primer, since I had been advised to use a hydrating primer with this foundation in the store. I also used a buffing brush to blend out the product. As I blended out the product I noticed that my primer was balling up and leaving little balls on my face. It didn’t look good! The foundation also streaked a bit over my nose, so I had to beat it out with a damp sponge to even it out.

I then used it without a primer and a flat traditional foundation brush. This applied really evenly but did give a much fuller coverage than what I was used to. I found out that a little product goes a really long way, so I probably needed a lot less product on my brush than I would need with my other foundations.

My final test was with a damp B. Blending Sponge. I don’t normally apply my foundations with a sponge, so this was a new experience for me. I found that the foundation applied beautifully and gave a lovely, even, matte coverage. It didn’t look flat, and minimized the need for a lot of concealer. This is the way that I have been using it since.

On some days I have been wearing primer with this product, but it’s not necessary. This does last a really long time on the skin. I haven’t done the Longevity Test yet, however I have known this to stay in place during a night shift, which last 11 hours. Night Shifts normally eat any product on my face by 5am, so it’s a true test if a product lasts longer than that on my skin in a ward environment.

As for the waterproof claim?

I did wear this at the gym one day. I do sweat a bit at the gym, so do tend to wipe at my face with a hand a fair amount. Normally foundation doesn’t last.

This was still flawless by the end of my session. That’s pretty amazing.


So overall, I do like foundation. It fulfills a lot of my boxes for the ideal foundation. What I would recommend, if you do find that this sits funny on your pores is to apply a pore reducing primer first, then apply the foundation with a damp sponge. I hope this helps.

What are your thoughts on this product?

Have a lovely day guys!



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