The ‘Awake’ Illusion

The worst part about night shifts is that final shift when you don’t know whether to stay awake or go to sleep. 

My usual routine is to stay awake as long as possible, and have an early night. In fact as I write this, it’s 7pm and my eyes are starting to droop. 

However, I had a lot on so I had to make myself look more human and awake. So here are my tips for looking more awake when really all you want is to curl up in bed. 

  1. Dewy Foundations:  This type of foundation helps the skin look fresh and healthy. It will also add some much needed hydration  to the skin. 
  2. Eye Cream: Some of my favourites for reducing Undereye circles is the Clinique Prep Time and the Dior Hydra Life Eye Cream. Both are amazing at piping up the area and the eyes and reducing all the bad . stuff.  
  3. Neutral eyeshadow: I tend to wear gold because it flatters my eye colour more and makes my eyes look brighter and healthier. But wearing deep smoky eyes is the worst thing when you’re tired. You might accidently rub your eyes and smudge everything everywhere. 
  4. Bold Lips: Makeup 101 states that only one area of the face a statement at a time. You don’t want to draw attention to the tiredness shown in your eyes, so you’ve got to pull people’s attention towards something else such as your mouth. In the photo I am a red Rimmel Rita Ora Lipstick. 

What are your wakefulness tips? 

Have a lovely day guys! 



2 thoughts on “The ‘Awake’ Illusion

  1. Oh man I can’t even imagine working a night shift… good tips here, I like the bold lips idea! ☺ My work does have an early starting shift at 4am but its not a complete drastic flip in your routine! I never have the energy to do full makeup those days but I will use a light pink or white pencil on my waterline to make my eyes look more open and lots of under eye concealer!

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