Mixed Metals Review



At the beginning of the month I decided to give a couple of the Zoeva palettes a go. Everyone always talks about the Warm Spectrum palette, but honestly, I thought that one was a tad boring. All the shades looked like ones that I have already.

I wanted to buy something unusual’ something that I would enjoy using. Hence why I chose Mixed Metals and Rodeo Belle.

Mixed Metals has quite a cool army design. There are loads of browns, greens and greys on the packaging, which match the shades that are inside the palette. I also love how they’ve displayed the name of the palette. It looks awesome.

This palette retails at £18 and is worth the price.

As the name suggests the majority of this palette are metallic shades. There is one matte shade, which is a very intense black. This looks amazing as a smoked out liner. It’s gorgeous!

All the other shades are beautiful. It’s pretty much me in a palette. There are khaki greens, coppers and greys. I’m really fond of the pukey coloured green, Neo Brass. It looks amazing on the eyelids. It just has so much pigment in it. Warm Silver is also stunning as a brow bone or inner eye highlighter. I love every shade in here actually. Everything has such a rich pigment, and there’s very little fall out. It’s such a thing of beauty.

Alloy, Neo Brass, Bronce, Rusty Steel, Copper Plate
Warm Silver, Platinum, Ore Stone, Alluminium, Onyx

What are your thoughts on the palette? Is it something that you could use all the time?

Have a good day guys!



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