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My First Attempt at a Cut Crease



Hi everyone, how are you all today?

Over time, I like to try out some makeup techniques that are slightly out of my comfort zone. And one of those techniques that looks really scary is the cut-crease eyeshadow technique.

Eyes are the one place that I really love to experiment with, but I tend to just mix up the eyeshadows a lot. I don’t tend to do much that’s really out there. But I saw a tutorial by Kathleen Lights where she made this technique look really easy, and I gave it a good go.

I won’t go into full tutorial mode, because I know this isn’t the greatest look, but if you do want to know how to do a cut crease, check out Kathleen Light’s video. It’s really easy to follow, and involves a lot of concealer.

To create my first sharp cut-crease look I used the Makeup Geek Manny MUA palette. I got mine on the Wish App, so I am convinced that I have a very good fake. This is why I’ve held off doing a review on this. I don’t want to do a review on the Manny MUA palette, just incase I’m reviewing a fake. But it’s still good.

Have you tried doing a sharp cut-crease look before? How do you find them?

Have a lovely day guys!



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