Love Is On


One can never have too many lipsticks, can they?

I am not the biggest fan of Revlon lip products; they do tend to smudge like crazy on me or wear away pretty quickly. However I saw this really pretty red lipstick in Boots the other day and instantly fell in love.

You guys know that I am a sucker for a red lipstick, but this is beautiful! Revlon have created a lovely blue toned red shade that would suit anyone.

On the website Revlon claim that this lipstick attracts attraction. It does this through the fragrance in the bullet; roses and fruit. I really have no idea over this claim; I’ll have to wear it around Chris and see what he says about this. Revlon also claim that this is a nourishing and smooth textured lipstick, which I can comment on. This does feel beautiful on the lips; it’s comfortable to wear and helps my lips look less dry through the day. It does have a satin finish to it so looks so beautifully classy on the lips (I do have a clear gloss over it in the image). The blue tones also helpmy teeth look whiter. It’s such a pretty shade of red.

I love the colour, so even if my boyfriend isn’t attracted to the colour, I am. This colour made me buy the product! And for Β£7.99 I am thrilled with it. It’s stunning! I reckon Revlon has made a product that I can have a fully commited relationship with. It would be an ideal shade for Valentines day.

What are your thoughts on this colour? Does it suit you if you already own it?

Have a lovely day guys!





2 thoughts on “Love Is On

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