A Very Early Selfie (Cringe Attack)


Have you ever taken a look through your old facebook photos and thought, “What was I doing?”

I found the above photos in an old Facebook Album full of selfies. Apparently I was taking selfies before I even had a smart phone.

At the time, I was 18 and just about to start university. I had an old Sony Ericsson phone and a giant 19 inch screen laptop. That thing was blummin’ heavy! And what I used to do was hold my laptop up towards decent light and snap photos of myself. This is probably how I have such good upper body strength now!

I wanted to share this photo because this is probably one of the earliest known moments where I began taking makeup seriously. This is back in the Clinique phase. Apart from the odd drugstore eyeshadow, every makeup item that I owned was from Clinique.

The foundation looks really pale, and I remember the blush didn’t really show up on my skin; it had a really hard pan. But I bought it in New York and wanted to wear it as much as possible. And of course I’m wearing ‘Baby Baby’ Butter Cream Lipstick. This was the only lipstick that I wore at the time. Nothing else existed.

This was before eyebrows became a prominent feature on people’s faces so mine are pretty much invisible; I was really fair back in my teens. And I’m pretty convinced that this is my natural hair colour.

So yeah, no contouring, no blending and no brows. The early makeup days of Jennifer…. Oh how things have changed!

What are your cringiest makeup moments from your teenage years guys?

Have a lovely day!



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