Buying ‘Fake’ Makeup

Have you guys ever tried fake makeup?

We’ve all heard those horror stories about people who buy cheap stuff thinking that they’re buying the genuine items and something bad happens as soon as they come to use it. The swollen eyes and lips, rashes, a very scary one involving maggots. Ick!

However, even after reading these horror stories, I somehow got sucked into the Wish App. I did download this from a recommendation off my personal trainer who’d bought a watch on it.

Wish, from my understanding, is a shopping app where you can buy a great number of different items at a very cheap price. And most, if not all the companies selling are based in Hong Kong. China is well known for it’s manufacturing of counterfeit items, and yes some of these products can be dangerous.

The app does recommend reading the reviews of the sellers as it doesn’t control who sells what. It’s just a platform for people to sell different things. Wish does do different events though where they give you discount codes, or do special offers on items that the creators like the sound of.

The price of shipping is also really cheap; the things I purchased only cost £1 for delivery. So if you know what you want, and expect the quality to may be a little below the standards of genuine items it’s a really good app to use.

I used the app about a month ago to purchase two eyeshadow palettes. I also received a free bracelet for downloading the app, which I actually really like. I bought the Makeup Geek Manny MUA palette and the Kathleen Lights Morphe Palette. Both are quite tricky to get hold of in the UK. Yes, Manny’s palette is available on Beauty Bay, but it’s really expensive!

Both palettes I must admit are really good fakes when you compare them to the genuine palettes. The Morphe palette is slightly smaller than the original but the design and pan size is the same as the real one. The Makeup Geek palette matches the packaging exactly; it’s pretty impressive! Most of the eyeshadows are really good quality; there are one or two that the pigment is a little patchy, but overall they are really creamy and blend easily, and I’ve had no reactions in the time that I have used either palette, which has been about two weeks. I’m not saying that these are as good as the genuine items; there’s a reason that these are as cheap as they are; but if you do want to try palettes out before splurging on the real deal, they are worth buying.

I definitely want to buy the real palettes one day. I just need a spare £60.

Have you ever purchased fake makeup? What were your experiences?

Have a lovely day guys!




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