Drugstore Makeup Haul

I treat myself to some new makeup the other day at the Metro Centre. No High End purchases were made for a a change however. Every purchase was from a drugstore brand.

The other great thing was that I didn’t spend over £30, which makes a change for  me!

It has been quite a while since I did a haul so I have tried to keep this short and sweet.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

I’ve actually had this a little longer than the other items in the haul. These were bought at the Arnison Centre Boots last week. I’ve actually been using the True Match Foundation religiously in this time and I really like it. It looks natural on the skin and blends beautifully. I wear the shade 4N which is actually a really good match for my skin tone.

L’Oreal La Touche Magique

Since L’Oreal had a 2 for £12 offer, this was the second item that I bought alongside the foundation. I learned really quickly that you don’t need a lot of this to get a lot of coverage under your eyes. A little goes a long way and this looks flawless under the eyes. I love it!

I ♥ Makeup Golden Bar

This was kind of a whim purchase. I have seen this advertised on the Makeup Revolution (a sister brand to I ♥ Makeup) and thought that it looked pretty cool. This costs £8 and it has some really wearabale colours in here. The shades actually remind me a lot of those new Benefit They’re Real eyeshadows. I have a full review of this palette coming, but this is such a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and such good quality for the price tag.

Models Own Rock n’ Rosy Blush

The Model’s Own stall had a sale on and it broke me. Such good quality stuff for so cheap a price! These are such cute little blush pans that I had to buy at least one. I purchased the shade Sienna which is a gorgeous rosy mauve shade. It’s absolutely stunning on the cheeks. It has quickly become my newest obsession. I can already see this as being on my monthly favourites list.

L’Oreal False Lashes Superstar X Fiber

I bought this out of my Boots points after watching a Zoella haul. This is a really good mascara. The first step is enough for really lovely long black lashes. For that extra oomph that I tend to need the fiber mascara is brilliant. It doesn’t give me as much volume as the Urban Decay Perversion mascara, but it’s still great.

Models Own i-Define Liquid Liner

This is a waterproof liquid liner that claims not to smudge. The girl swatched this on my hand and it took a lot of makeup remover to take this off my arm. I have oily eyelids so anything that can stay put for a long time is a must. I have worn this every day just to test this out, and this does tend to be the only thing left on my eyelids when I haven’t used a eyeshadow primer. It’s amazing, and really easy to do a feline flick too!

Models Own LuxeStick Velvet Lipstick

These are stunning, richly pigmented lipsticks. I had to restrain myself into just buying three. The shade choice is beautiful, and they are really long-lasting for creamy formula lipsticks. I love them!

Revlon Love is On Lipstick

I won’t say too much about this product because I’ve already reviewed it. This is a beautiful red lipstick which I really enjoy wearing. I still can’t say how it affects attraction because I haven’t seen Chris since buying it, but I will let you know what he thinks. I still love the colour though, which is the main thing.

And that is everything in this haul. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them.

Bye for now!



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