Selling Eyeshadow Palettes on Ebay

I have been decluttering my makeup again and decided to sell some things on EBay. These are all things that I love, but I’m just not getting much use out of.

All of these are on EBay for 3 days, but if you would like to make offers for any of the items just send me an email to my Ebay account.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky:

Makeup Obsession x12 Palette:

Five The Body Shop Quads: (blues) (cool toned browns) (warm toned browns) (brown and gold) (classic grey smoky eye)


Please note that although I have had to list these items as new, they are all lightly used. Ebay doesn’t give an option for used makeup.

If you do bid and win any of these, thank you.

Take care,





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