Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes


My favourite items in my makeup collection are palettes. Makeup companies put in so much effort to make them look amazing; so they look pretty on a vanity table. Mine however are stacked in one of the many drawers in my dressing table. I do like looking at them though.

However, what really draws me to using these things is the product inside. I love my eyeshadow, and I love using palettes to create various different looks.

Today I wanted to share six of my favourites. These are the ones that I use time and time again, and never get tired of.

The first one on the list is a really recent favourite. That is of course the I ♥ Makeup Gold Bar Palette. This is stunning, both inside and out! You do need a matte palette to use alongisde this, however the shades are so beautiful and buttery. They blend like a dream and give very little fallout. I absolutely adore this palette!

Another favourite has been really well loved; and you probably can guess what it is. Yeah, it’s Urban Decay Vice 4. This has such a lot of gorgeous neutral and coloured tones within it. It’s so versatile. And like all Urban Decay palettes, the shadow quality is amazing. I have used this on my Mam and sister who both love it too. And you might be able to see that I have hit pan on some of the shades. Definitely a sign that a palette is well loved!

This next one hasn’t been used in a while, but I do still get drawn to it occassionally. This was the first product that began drawing me to Smashbox. This is the Double Exposure palette. I love the pastel shades in here. They look amazing both wet and dry, and last a really long time on the lids. It’s definitely worth purchasing if you fancy a treat.

My next favourite is a matte palette. I use this almost everyday for transition shades. This is the Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics. There are some beautiful shades in here and they blend like a dream! I love this for any makeup look; they help smoke out a shimmery shade to make a very dramatic eye look. I love it!

My next favourite is another pretty recent one, but I adore it! I have been using the Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette so much over January and February. It’s gorgeous! I love the coppery shade and the green shades. They are stunning on my eyes. It’s such a beautiful palette, and it’s so blendable.

The final palette on the list is the Urban Decay Naked 3. This is full of rose gold shades and they look so beautiful. This is definitely my most used of the four naked palettes. I love how it has a few mattes so this could be the only palette that you would need to use for a lovely eyeshadow look. If you do like pinks or golds on your eyes, I’d highly recommend this palette.

So those are my favourite eyeshadow palettes. What are yours?

Bye for now, and have a lovely day.





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