The Rise of the Blush


If you look back on old photos of me wearing makeup, you’ll notice something was missing. This was before highlighting and contouring were a thing.


Part of the reason was because I had a hard pan blush that was a real struggle to use, the other was due to being scared. I always had this fear that I would look like a clown. I still do sometimes. If you ever see me rubbing my cheeks when I’m out and about, it’s due to a strange clown-cheek fear.

However, I have gotten slightly better, and have embraced blush as a new friend. Most of the shades that I own are very neutral and wearable to prevent the dreaded clown effect. I love mauve shades such as Models Own’s Sienna and Urban Decay’s Fetish. With these both being matte, they look really natural and enhance any natural flush in my skin.

If I’m feeling adventurous, I tend to go for shades with a lot more pink. Yes a lot of blending takes place to make them wearable, but I love them on days where I am a bit pale. They tend to warm up my skin a tad. Shades like Too Faced’s Love Hangover and Bare Mineral’s The Beauty of Bliss, are ideal for this. I love Love Hangover, and it is the only blush in my collection that has hit pan. It’s been well loved over the past year!

Lately I have been embracing more unusual colours such as peaches and oranges. I think this is due to my skills improving. I feel more confident around blush, and I am wearing more daring colours. One of the really pretty peach shades that I love is Bare Mineral’s Vintage Peach. This is absolutely stunning for a very natural glow. However if you do go overboard, this can be highlighting overkill. All the same I really love this colour!

What blush shades do you guys reach for?

Have a lovely day guys!



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