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Deezer Driving Playlist Favourites

Everybody has their own tastes in music. I enjoy anything that I can sing to usually, which pretty much covers any genre of music.

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite songs on my Deezer Playlist. Deezer is free to use if you do want to check any of these songs out for yourselves.

  • Castle on the Hill- Ed Shheran: This was only released a few weeks ago but I love it. It’s upbeat but has it’s dark moments when it describes what happened to his mates as they grew up. I love the song and can’t wait until Divide is released.
  • Troubled Times- Green Day: This song is brilliant. I’m not the biggest fan of Green Day but this song has made me want to check out more of their songs. The lyrics give the impression that humanity doesn’t learn from it’s mistakes and just goes on repeating them (a bit like we didn’t start the fire). However if you watch the music video, you get a very anti-Trump message. I am from the UK so I can’t really comment on how he is as a president, I can only be a spectator and my opinion is that he is a terrible person that reminds me far too much of Hitler.
  • Popular Song- Mika ft Ariana Grande: This is such a catchy song and I love it’s references to Wicked, which is one of my favourite musicals.
  • Westworld Theme Tune: Did anybody watch Westworld? This song is amazing. Yes, I can’t sing to it, but I find it so soothing. It’s a great song to listen to as you drive. I also really love Paint it Black on the album. It’s so cool!
  • Everybody- Nathan Picard: Nathan is one of my favourite musicians. I think he is really underrated and deserves more praise. His songs are awesome, and this one is really catchy.
  • You With Me- Jimmy Eat World: This song is just really romantic but still a very good song to listen to whilst travelling.

And those are some of my current favourites. There are others, but I can’t really share everything on my list. It would take too long.

What are some of your favourite songs to listen to whilst driving?

Have a great day guys!



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