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Current Favourites: Models Own


Models Own is one of those brands that have really began experimenting with different makeup trends, and releasing new products quite frequently to compete against the more pricier brands.

I have used their nail polishes for quite a few years, but only recently started using their makeup. Today I wanted to share some of my favourite discoveries from Models Own.

Please let me know any products that you love from this brand too, as I may want to try more in the future.

Nail Polish Remover

I may have mentioned this before as being one of my favourite nail polish removers. It’s amazing! It removes nail polish really quickly without leaving a greasy feeling on your hands afterwards. I must be onto my sixth bottle of this now, I just keep reusing it.

Hydra-Gel Nail Polish

I must have almost every colour in this collection! I love how they apply and how fast they take to dry. I always somhow manage to smudge my nails, so the quicker it takes to dry, the better. My nails are also in a really bad condition, and I love the formula of the Hydra-Gel Polishes; they smooth over any bumps or cracks and make the nail look really healthy. They’re fantastic, and I adore the colour range.


Waterproof Mascara

The Models Own mascaras are quite a cool contraption. That, or I’m easily excited. You can make up your own mascara and wand combo in the store. I chose the Waterproof formula with a very odd looking wand that is meant to curl and lengthen your lashes. I love the mascara formula and I love how the wand makes my lashes look. It’s awesome, especially for gym days.


Sculpt & Glow Highlighting Powder

This is one of the brand’s more recent launches and I love it. I have the shade Golden Sand, and it’s such a pretty glowing highlighter. This can be worn really lightly but can really easily be whacked on for extra glow. They are such beautiful powders. Since purchasing this, this has been the only highlighter that I have reached for.


Sculpt & Glow Contouring Powder

This is gorgeous. I don’t know how great these would be on deeper skin tones, but on fair to medium tones, these are beautiful. They look really natural on the skin and blend out really easily. I’ve actually been using mine (light tan) as a bit of a bronzer too. It’s such a gorgeous colour on my skin tone.


Rock n’ Rosy Powder Blush

I have two of these blushers already and they’re so beautiful. The shade warm Almond actually reminds me a lot of Nars Impassioned, which was limited edition. That is one of my favourite shades so it’s great to know that there is a dupe of it somewhere. These blushers do blend out really beautifully and look very natural on the skin. My favourite one is definitely the shade Sienna.

Luxe Lipstick

Both the matte and cream lipsticks in this range are lovely. I have the shade Honeylove of today, which is a matte. They are so creamy and long-lasting on the lips. They are very richly pigmented too, so one swipe is usually enough for a very powerful punch of colour.


So those are my favourite Models Own Products. What are your favourites?

Have a great day guys!




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