Lancome Audacity Palette Review


Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I have had my eye on this palette for a little while. The shade selection is right up my street. And when Boots made this £21, I had to buy it. The reason why it was reduced so much (according to one of the girls in Boots) is due to there being surplus palettes being left after Christmas. They were expecting this to sell better than it did.

In the palette, you get sixteen shades; the majority being matte or satin finish, and you get four pure glitter shades. All of these shades were handpicked by Lisa Eldridge, and the looks that she has created with this palette look stunning.

The shades in here are beautiful, cool toned shades. There appears to be four quads in the palette, although you could mix and match the shades to create some really stunning looks. I’ve been using the brown shades on the left as my transition shades, then using the colours on my lid.


You also get a really lovely brush in the palette. It’s very soft and ideal for creating a diffused crease or a cut crease. It’s so pretty. The flat side is ideal for packing on colour onto the lid.

So what are my thoughts on this palette. Honestly, It is beautiful. However, it is not as pigmented as I thought. Therefore it’s ideal for lovely subtle sultry looks. You can’t go very dramatic with this. The satin and matte shades are beautiful and blend out like butter.

The glitter shades on the other hand don’t impress me. You can’t use them dry; they don’t have a lot of pigment and just flake straight off the eye. You have to use these wet on a sponge tip applicator, like those cheap things you get in drugstore palettes. That’s the only way that I have been able to make these work so far.

Overall, I do like this palette, but I wish that I could do more with those glittery shades. It definitely could be better.

What have been your thoughts on this palette? Let me know in the comments.

Bye for now!



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